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Do You Sit All Day? Why Apple CEO Tim Cook Says “Sitting Is The New Cancer” and What To Do About It.

sit all day

If you sit all day — and most of us do — it’s time to open your eyes to the reality that prolonged sitting is a doorway to chronic disease. And, surprisingly, that regular exercise you do is insufficient. Read on and watch the video to learn why you need to move every hour and how to do it.

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Prevent and Fight Cancer with 5 Strategies

prevent and fight cancer

We all must take clear and certain steps to prevent and fight cancer, for the risk that it comes knocking on our doors is significant and can not be ignored. Here are five strategies to get you on your way.

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Will Your Belly Fat Cause Cancer?

Since in America, 2/3rds of us are overweight, this information about the greatest danger caused by being fat is both urgent and important for us to know and contemplate. Learn what excess fat can do and how to minimize the risks.

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Easily Avoid Cancerous Plastics and Food Containers (Bisphenol A) — Watch

Take a guess… how many toxic chemicals reside in your body, or in your baby’s? You’ll be so startled by the answer that you just may take these simple steps to help get rid of some. Pollution within people is so real, so pernicious, that scientist are now “mapping the human toxome”.

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Is the Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Campaign Effective? Listen.

Has $1.5 billion been spent effectively on a breast cancer cure? If marketing could cure breast cancer, there would be a cure, says Barbara Brenner of Breast Cancer Action. A lot of money has been raised without a corresponding reduction in the breast cancer rate, she affirms. The Susan G. Komen organization – the world’s largest breast cancer charity, says it’s money well raised and well spent. Listen!

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Dr. Oz on Preventing Breast Cancer (Watch Video)

Doing three things can subtantially help reduce the chances of breast cancer, or any cancer: 1. Reduce weight if overweight; 2. Reduce saturated fat consumption; 3. Eat more green leafy vegetables. Being overweight or eating saturated fat mess with your hormone balance and can lead to “turning on” cancer cells. Eating green leafy vegetables can help cleanse the liver of toxins.

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