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Lesson 15: Science-backed Nutraceutical Support for Hyperinflammation

Lesson 15 covers nutraceuticals that may help reduce the hyperinflammatory reaction that Covid can cause through its disruption of your immune system, as covered in Lessons 2 and 14.

If you have any of the comorbidities discussed in Lesson 10 or are over 50 years of age, it might be wise to take some or all of these nutraceuticals prior to experiencing Covid-related symptoms described in the COVID-19 Symptoms Guide. This is especially true if you engage in behaviors that might increase your risk of infection.


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Protocol 4: Deescalate Hyperinflammation — Manage Severe to Critical Covid Symptoms

This protocol begins with describing the symptoms associated with hyperinflammation (Lesson 14) and ends with suggested nutraceuticals that have effective anti-inflammatory properties (Lesson 15).

If you’re over 50 and/or have the comorbidities reviewed in Lesson 10, as a precautionary measure you may elect to add the nutraceuticals covered in lesson 16 as soon as you or your doctor determine that you’re symptomatic.

Some lessons in this Protocol will refer to these documents, which you can print for convenient access:

COVID-19 Symptoms Guide
Nutraceutical Guide
Nutraceutical Matrix



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Lesson 14: Recognize The Symptoms and Causes of Escalating Inflammation

Way back in Lesson 2 you learned in general terms about how SARS-CoV-2 can confound the normal immune response to a viral infection. Now in Lesson 14 we will dive deeper into two immune system molecules that can be largely responsible for escalating hyperinflammation: NLRP3 inflammasome and Nuclear factor kappa ?. These are the key targets for inhibiting excessive inflammation.

This gets pretty wonky. I wrestled with including it, but decided to do so because this lesson underscores how hyerinflammatory this virus can be, and sets the stage for the nutraceuticals discussed in Lesson 15 that may offer anti-viral and anti-inflammatory support.


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Lesson 7: Reduce Baseline Inflammation by Exercising Just the Right Amount

Regular exercise clearly enhances immune regulation. 

But, to decrease baseline inflammation, the right exercise intensity is critical. If you do too little exercise at low intensity, there’s little to no impact on baseline, or systemic, inflammation. 

If you do too much exercise at high intensity, you can actually lower your resistance to infection and inhibit a regulated, balanced immune response. 

Let’s find the right balance.


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Lesson 5: Reduce Baseline Inflammation by Reducing Stress

This short lesson covers how a mindfulness practice can reveal the source of your stress and thereby reduce it; and the ability that three herbal adaptogens have on reducing stress.

Our focus is on how stress impacts your immune system. Once that’s clear, the next step is to become mindful of what generates your stress. This you need to know in order to let it go.


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Lesson 4: Reduce Baseline Inflammation With Rituals

In our review of the immune system, you learned that inflammation can be a double-edged sword. Inflammation naturally happens when something that’s not us, like a pathogen, gets into our body, like an infection.

What we want to do is to reduce or eliminate factors that drive excess inflammation, or inflammation that has no value, as well as related dysregulatory impacts on immune function. 

To do this, the smart thing to do first is to address your baseline level of systemic inflammation.

What we want to do is reduce or eliminate factors that drive excess inflammation, or inflammation that has no value, as well as related dysregulatory impacts on immune function. For this to happen, the first thing to address our baseline level of systemic inflammation.


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Reduce Chronic Inflammation With A Daily Mindfulness Practice and 3 Adaptogens, Part 2

daily mindfulness practice

A daily mindfulness practice can reduce your chronic inflammation by reducing your stress. These days, stress is a problem and chronic inflammation will exacerbate any illness, especially COVID-19. Learn what to do.

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Reduce Chronic Inflammation With Sleep: Part 1

Now it’s more important than ever that you reduce chronic inflammation with sleep, because if your baseline inflammation is high, your risk of getting infected by SARS-CoV-2 virus and the Covid-19 disease goes up. Here are five daytime and eight nighttime rituals to help ensure you get deep, restorative sleep.

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Inflammation and Age In The COVID-19 Pandemic

inflammation and age go hand-in-hand

COVID-19 is showing how inflammation and age are making people vulnerable to viral infection, severe symptoms, and even death. Let this be a wake-up call to address any chronic illness that’s making you chronically inflamed. [Go straight to the Age vs Health Covid Risk Matrix] Inflammation and age go hand-in-hand. This is so clearly true […]

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How You Can Beat Chronic Inflammation (and Age Better) with Exercise, Food and Supplements

beat chronic inflammation

You need to beat chronic inflammation, because you have it, or you will, and it makes everything worse as you age. Read the science behind these claims and how to use exercise, food and supplements as your anti-inflammation strategy.

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