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Lesson 5: Reduce Baseline Inflammation by Reducing Stress

This short lesson covers how a mindfulness practice can reveal the source of your stress and thereby reduce it; and the ability that three herbal adaptogens have on reducing stress.

Our focus is on how stress impacts your immune system. Once that’s clear, the next step is to become mindful of what generates your stress. This you need to know in order to let it go.


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The 5 Supplements, 2 Drugs and 1 Food That Can De-stress Your Life and Increase Your Lifespan

The 5 Supplements, 2 Drugs and 1 Food That Can De-stress Your Life and Increase Your Lifespan

Although it’s complicated to prove, studies reveal that you can reduce stress and increase your lifespan simply by properly feeding yourself – and your bacteria. Yes, those 100 trillion critters can’t be ignored. Here’s what to do…

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Got Stress? Here Are Four Adrenal Fatigue Tests You Can Do At Home

Adrenal Fatigue

Nearly all of us experience adrenal fatigue at some point in our lives, and that’s not a problem if the stress is short-lived. If the stress is chronic, however, metabolic disorder and a shorter, unhappier life could be the result. Here are four do-it-yourself tests that you can do it home to discover if you’re experiencing adrenal fatigue.

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New Anti-aging Research Explodes — Mitochondria, Senescence, Biomarkers and Stem Cells

New Anti-aging Research Explodes

New anti-aging research is continuing to increase at a prodigious pace. Brilliant researchers are choosing longevity as their specialty, and billions are getting invested in new biotech start-ups. The results are some promising new drugs under clinical trail. But in the meantime, learn what you can do now to slow your aging rate and become biologically younger.

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