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Diet Misinformation, Keto and the Med

diet misinformation

Diet misinformation is everywhere. If you don’t want to be led down the wrong path, you need to pay attention to the authority of the writers, researchers, institutions and, yes, YouTubers. Here I’m added by some experts to reveal some common nutrition misinformation, and delve into the science behind fats and carbs as they relate to weight loss, as well as the big reveal — the Med.

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Saturated Fats vs Unsaturated Fats for Longevity, Part 2

saturated fats vs unsaturated fats

The saturated fats vs unsaturated fats debate have proponents on each side, but the evidence clearly supports that unsaturated fats are superior, if consumed in moderation; especially if you focus on one particular polyunsaturated fat that might help you lose body fat and get healthier to boot.

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