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What the Health Care Overhaul Could Mean to You

“What the Health Care Overhaul Could Mean to You” is a good summary of where you may stand at this very moment relative to health care. The article identifies various situations, such as “do you have health insurance now”, if you do, is it “through your employer”, “through medicare”, “through medicaid”, or “on your own”. It then spells out what the health care overhaul means to your particular situation, and when.

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Robert Kennedy, Jr. Says Vaccines Cause Autism (Video)

Cites a Cover-up!   Three Federal Judges say “Not So” Watch Part 1 of 2: [youtube][/youtube] WATCH TWO counfounding videos (first above, second below) of environmental lawyer, Robert Kennedy, Jr. claiming that vaccines in general producing “the most sickly children the American history”, and causing autism. Then you can read a story in Slate that rebukes […]

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Harvard Creates iPhone Swine Flu App (Video)

Learn What To Do and Keep Abreast of Latest Developments THE NIMBLE programmers of all things iPhone are jumping on the H1N1 (“Swine Flu”) bandwagon with a useful $1.99 Swine Flu Application, which includes videos, animations and text to teach the basics about swine flu, how to reduce its, and how to prepare business for […]

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HIV Vaccine Breakthrough!

Vaccine Shows Promise in Preventing HIV Infection [youtube][/youtube] RESEARCHERS ARE now able to prevent a third of new HIV infections after a three year long trial, bringing them one step closer to finding an HIV vaccine.  It’s still in test mode, but the results are very promising.  Watch the video above, and for more details […]

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TARP Inspector: Financial System May Now Be In A “Far More Dangerous Place” (VIDEO)

Moral hazard (tails you loose, heads I win) has increased and “is far more dangerous today than a year ago.” Neil Barofsky, TARP Inspector [youtube][/youtube] FILE THIS one under “Financial Health” so it doesn’t seem to far off this site’s main focus, your personal health.  I’m compelled to blog about this because it’s so important.  […]

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