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Sunscreen Lotions that Work – Know Your Sunscreen

New FDA Guidelines are forthcoming that will help consumers spot sunscreen effectiveness. Right now, labels are misguided, leaving you to choice lotions that may be ineffective. With skin cancer on the rise, it pays to know who to protect yourself.

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Your Brain on the Cell Phone — Watch Dr. Mercola

47 people were tested, each with a cell phone at each ear. After 50 minutes, brain scans showed increased consumption of glucose (sugar) in areas of the brain near the phone. Dr. Mercola discussed the effects of cell phone radiation on the brain, and preventing this with Blue Tube cell phone headsets. Watch.

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Dr. Hyman: 4 Supplements That Reduce Your Healthcare Costs

RECENT RESEARCH from the Lewin Group and Dr. Mark Hyman showns that spending pennies a day on a few key nutritional supplements can significantly reduce sickness and chronic disease, resulting in a substantial decrease in healthcare costs. These are the four “must-have” nutritional supplements…

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