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Your Supplement Cheat Sheet For Better Health

Like a lot of things, supplements suffer from marketing hype. Are yours safe and effective? Is your time and money being well spent? There is a definitive answer, a resource to help ensure that the supplements you take are doing the job. In this post, I apply my choice of testosterone boosters to the test, but whatever you’re trying to achieve through supplementation, make sure they pass the Supplements Goals Reference Guide.

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10 Health Gifts For You And Yours

This season, give something that’s truly meaningful, something that improves the most precious gift of all — health. Here are 10 health-pumping gifts to consider. From $30 Whey Protein to the $318 monster Breville Juicer. Not to mention the FitBit, one fine diagnostic tool that’s fun to experience. Oh, be sure to check out the “4-Hour Chef” trailer too. Happy shopping!

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Look: Your Blood Test Measures Your Health

You can’t fix something if you don’t know what’s wrong. The right blood test measures a bucket full of information about your health. Check out the infographic by WellnessFX, and get the dope on cholesterol, inflammation, thyroid function and vitamin D.

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Just “Exactly” How Fat Are You Anyway?

What would you do to find out what percent of your body is fat?  Archimedes came up with a pretty infallible test.  Most of the rest are proxies, pretenders at best.  In this post, I examine how worthless the BMI measure is for many, and what the military has to say on the matter. Check out the equations, BMI widget and charts.

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Run, Jog or “Slog” Pain Free

If you run and want to keep at it, eventually you need to know your foot type. Do you pronate, supinate, or do something in between? If your running shoe isn’t built for your foot type, running will become more difficult and you’ll potentially develop pain in the feet, ankles, knees and hips.

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Hair Analysis Test — Simple, Cheap, Valuable

PERHAPS YOU and just about everyone you know has taken vitamins at one time or another.  How many determined what their bodies really needed first? Almost no one, I confidently state. I’m guilty of this too.  It’s been more than a decade since I last had a hair analysis test or extensive blood test, and […]

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