Bulletproof Your Immune System

Protocol 3: Minimize Symptoms — Recognize, Test and Subdue

Protocol 3

Whereas Protocol 2 was about a proactive plan to keep you from getting infected, Protocol 3 is about what to do if you get infected and experience symptoms.

We will learn to identify the severity of symptoms, and the necessary steps to stop the progression of infection and resulting illness.

There are three steps you can take to take to minimize infection:

  1. Find out if you’re infected in the first place by using the three tools I’ll show you.
  2. If infected, but you're otherwise healthy, under 50 and have Mild or Moderate symptoms, then add the nutraceuticals covered in Lesson 14 and listed in the Nutraceutical Guide.
  3. If you’re infected and over 50, and/or have comorbidities and have any symptoms described, then add the nutraceuticals covered in Lessons 14 and 16 AND in the Nutraceutical Guide.

Some lessons in this Protocol will refer to these documents, which you can print for convenient access:

COVID-19 Symptoms Guide
Nutraceutical Guide
Nutraceutical Matrix


Module Structure

Lesson 11: How To Test Yourself For Covid Symptoms At Home

In the last lesson, we covered how to self-assess whether or not you have symptoms of viral infection. In this lesson, we turn to three tools that can provide more of an objective evaluation.

Lesson 12: Wildcard Part II: The SARS-CoV-2 Domino Effect

When one part of the immune system doesn't work properly, or at all, there's a downstream effect. A metaphor we can use is dominos. The domino effect occurs when the first responders of the innate immune system are compromised by SARS-CoV-2:

  • Natural killer cells are unable to signal other immune cells, such as macrophage and dendritic cells. (Domino 1)
  • Antigens can’t be identified and activate a proper immune response led by T cells. (Domino 2)
  • There’s an imbalance between Th-1 and Th-2 helper cells, where Th-2 is dominant. (Domino 3)

As you'll see, you want to support natural killer cells and Type-1 helper cells, while at the same time minimizing the potential for Type-2 helper cell overreaction to Covid.


Lesson 13: Science-backed Nutraceutical Support for Natural Killer and Th-1 Immune Cells

We covered a bit about how SARS-CoV-2 can mess up your immune system in Protocol 1. Now it's time to go deeper into this topic so you to appreciate why I recommend the nutraceuticals covered in the next lesson.

A metaphor we can use is dominos. I’ll explain the domino effect that occurs when the first responders of the innate immune system are compromised by SARS-CoV-2.