Robert Kennedy, Jr. Says Vaccines Cause Autism (Video)

Cites a Cover-up!   Three Federal Judges say “Not So”

Watch Part 1 of 2:


WATCH TWO counfounding videos (first above, second below) of environmental lawyer, Robert Kennedy, Jr. claiming that vaccines in general producing “the most sickly children the American history”, and causing autism.

Then you can read a story in Slate that rebukes the claims of Mr. Kennedy and others here.

And then you can read more details that Kennedy outlines in the video clips here.

After all that, you can sink into your couch and stare dumbly at the wall, cause you’re going to be mighty confused; unless, of course, you’ve already made up your mind. There’s no messing with certainty.

Anyway, back to Mr. Kennedy, a long time promoter of the connection between vaccines and autism, who says that at a private conference, members of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (“CDC”) and other industry participants agreed that the evidence is clear — there is no denying a causal link between autism and thiomersal in many vaccines, including H1N1.

What did they then do?

How ’bout strategizing how to bury the evidence, and underwrite new studies to dispute the causal link between thiomersal and autism? According to Mr. Kennedy, a transcript of the meeting says precisely that.

If you’re more of a sleuth than I am, you can wade into that 262 page document here and see if it’s true. Or take a short cut and read a Congressman’s (who is also an M.D.) letter to the CDC here.

Mr. Kennedy says he has hundreds of letters from mothers who say that after vaccination, perfectly healthy children were irrevocably harmed.  The CDC refuses to support studies looking into this, he claims.

Parents, in particular, need to watch these two videos, measure them against the Slate article, and put this information into their decision-making matrix regarding the vaccination of their children. And you may also wish to read and view a personal story on this subject.

Watch Part 2:


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