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Do You Want A Public Option in Health Reform?

Listen to former Labor Secretary, Robert Reich’s Update and Exhortation [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5nO47FwR3RE[/youtube] THE HOUSE has a pretty good bill with a public option in it, says Mr. Reich, but the Senate’s bill is twisting in the wind, or should I say that arms are being twisted for and against support on the public option. The video […]

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Confused About Health Care Reform?… Read This Napkin

(Thanks to Dan Roam and C. Anthony Jones, MD, it’s really simple.) IT MAY seems simplistic, but Roam and Jones really hit the issues square-on and adeptly explain the basics of what’s going on right now with health care reform. There’s no one who isn’t at least a bit confused by this, so shake off […]

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