About You

There are Readers and there are Members, which is a nice-sounding name for Subscribers.

Which will you be?

So far, over 750,000 readers have poured through these pages, and thankfully, some have relinquished their precious emails to become Members.

But in the beginning, all were Visitors…


About You


Welcome Visitors, every last one of you!

Everyone begins as a visitor. Without you, there’s no reason for this site to exist. You typically arrive here from a link or search phrase. Some of you bounce off the site soon after reading a blog post, but, apparently, that’s not you at the moment.

Given that you’re reading this, you’re in explore-mode, cruising around, uncovering tidbits, seeing if there’s anything that will grab and pull you in.

If so, you’ll want to return to this tiny spot on the Interwebs.

For that, see if the description below about “Members” resonates, and if so, poke that orange button.

Eventually, meander over to Quickstart.


Members are Doers

It’s not that they’re heroic, but Members have enough clarity to know the information offered here is valuable. So, what they heck — they take a deep breathe and type their email in the form below. Then they slowly exhale and wonder what happens next.

Yes, things do happen after subscribing, not the least of which keeping abreast of the blog posts and videos that get published hereabout via the weekly Newsletter.

Most everything on GarmaOnHealth is free, as is the crash course, “The Ageproof Method”, once I’m done with it.

Maybe that’s why you’ll become a Member – to get “The Method”. Well, that’s what it’s for – at least in part – to entice you to become one of the Doers.

Members implicitly know the difference between information and knowledge:

Information is what you can recite. Knowledge is what you’ve done.

Members dig in to find out. And on this site, they will find plenty of actionable material. Along the way, they’re offered deep discounts on products they want, such as vitamin and protein supplements.  But that’s a minor thing, really. What’s far more important to them is the potential to build a more vital, stronger life.

I’d like you to join us here… be a Member and all that.  You can sign-up, look in and bail if you if this isn’t your thing.  Do it!

Share. Someone you know will be thankful.