Deconstruct Fear with Action

Worry and fear overwhelm us in the fertile ground of inaction.

PSYCHIATRIST AND life coach Dr. Srini Pillay recently wrote an article he entitled Brain-Based Strategies for Harnessing Your Power.  Among the points he makes, one in particular resonates with me and I’d like to share it with you.

And that’s his point #6: “Harness the energy of fear to give you power”.  It’s an interesting point, but first some context.

Few of us can control our thoughts and emotions sufficiently to entertain only those at the positive end of the continuum; instead, it’s a constant game of up and down we engage when dealing with the “monkey mind”.

Monkey mind refers to our chattering thoughts, which are inconsistent, incessant, disempowering and simply a pain.  Much of the idea behind the practice of meditation is to turn down the volume of the monkey mind so that you may find the peace of inner silence.  Once the mind is silent, you construct in your minds-eye that blank slate upon which you paint who you want to be, and what you want to have in your life.

Absent the fears.

Most of us have a problem with this – either we don’t meditate or haven’t learned to close the door on the monkeys.  What Dr. Pillay suggests is to use the fear energy, to ride and redirect its momentum to a different place. To refocus it.

“Refocus your worry.  Reframe your problem”, he says.  He continues:

“Your fears are what you want muddled up. Your brain’s task is to look into the fear and deconstruct the fear with action. It is almost always the case that when you are not getting what you want, that your brain is receiving fear messages that you are unaware of. Make it a practice to write down the possible fear messages related to anything that you want so that you can take the unconscious power out of it.”

I encourage you to read his other five points and to practice his advice. Me too.  The whole article is here.

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