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How You Can Beat Chronic Inflammation (and Age Better) with Exercise, Food and Supplements

beat chronic inflammation

You need to beat chronic inflammation, because you have it, or you will, and it makes everything worse as you age. Read the science behind these claims and how to use exercise, food and supplements as your anti-inflammation strategy.

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How You Can Beat Shoulder Arthritis, Part 3

You can beat shoulder arthritis into submission

Arthritis is inevitable, including shoulder arthritis. If you live long enough or exercise hard enough, someday arthritis is going challenge you. Here I show you how to avoid shoulder arthritis as long as possible, and if you have it, what to do to minimize the pain and lack of mobility. Read on and watch the videos.

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How You Can Beat Neck Arthritis, Part 2

How You Can Beat Neck Arthritis, Part 2

Arthritis is inevitable, particularly in the neck, because neck arthritis can be the result of too much time sitting at a desk with your head forward and down peering at a computer screen or smart phone — things many of us do all the time. Watch the video, check out the pics and learn what to do to prevent and improve neck arthritis.

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The Golden Spice, Part 2: The Three Best Curcumin Supplements You Can Buy

The best curcumin supplements

Curcumin supplements are in the news. Curcumin is proving to be a powerhouse supplement with wide-ranging health benefits, but Prohealth makes it much better by using proprietary technologies and synergistic herbs to help improve inflammation, joint mobility, brain and cardiovascular health. It might even lower your LDL.

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