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How Young Do You Look and Can Skin Care Help?

How young do you look?

Rather than worrying how old you look, lets focus on how young you look, or could. I’ll show you Microsoft’s age-estimating app based on your face, but what really matters is how young do you want to look and feel? Here are examples and guidance.

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Your Battleplan To Combat Aging Skin: Hormone Therapy and Topical Interventions, Part 2/3

Nutrition is the key to healthy skin

Arm yourself by learning the newest research about which hormones, nutrients and topical agents are proven therapies in the battle to combat aging skin.

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Overfed and Under Nourished? Watch “Hungry for Change”

Overfed and under nourished? Overweight? Tired. Eat a lot of bread, pasta and soda? Time to Watch Hungry for Change. Peak Performance guru says, “This inspiring film has the power to transform your health!” Expect it does, should you follow its insights, for these 12 health experts know about what they speak and live their talk.

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Sunscreen Lotions that Work – Know Your Sunscreen

New FDA Guidelines are forthcoming that will help consumers spot sunscreen effectiveness. Right now, labels are misguided, leaving you to choice lotions that may be ineffective. With skin cancer on the rise, it pays to know who to protect yourself.

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10 Winter Health Myths

Knowing what’s true and false about health matters is confusing. Here, 10 myths about staying healthy in winter are exposed. That chicken soup’s effectiveness against a cold is just a wives tale, and losing most of your heat from your head are just two myths presented.

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