Overfed and Under Nourished? Watch “Hungry for Change”

Overfed and under nourished?  Overweight?  Tired?  Eat a lot of bread, pasta and soda?  Time to Watch Hungry for Change. Peak Performance guru Tony Robbins says, “This inspiring film has the power to transform your health!”  Expect it does, should you follow its insights, for these 12 health experts know about what they speak and live their talk.

Hungry for Change, the documentary

NOW THRU Sunday, March 31, 2012 you can watch Hungry for Change free.  Fine, but why would you want to?

Well, it could be that your physical self could use an overhaul, or perhaps just a tweak.  If neither is true, you might just be interested in the topic of how diet relates to… no, in fact, determines health.

I certainly learned a few things from watching Hungry for Change, and as I watched about twelve health professionals be interviewed about food, diet, chemicals, cleansing and disease, I took notes.

Here are my notes followed by the Hungry for Change trailer:

Most Americans are overfed and under nourished, which leads to being overweight with an incessant desire to eat.

Many chemicals we ingest from polluted and/or manufactured food are fat loving, in that they get stored in fat cells.  When we lose fat, we also need to detoxify, not just by burning fat but also by getting rid of chemicals released by the fat. The chemicals need to exit the system.

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The body yearns to detoxify. Foods that are chlorophyll-rich, such as green vegetables, bind to heavy metals and chemicals and pass out of the body. Gelatinous plant foods, like chia seeds, psyllium husk powder and seaweed become gelatinous when wet.  As they move through the gastrointestinal track they absorb bile salts, bind to them and pass them out of the body before they get reabsorbed.

Certain “greens” like parsley and cilantro are effective chemical detoxifiers (as is niacin).  Parsley cleanses the blood and cilantro binds with heavy metals, like mercury, which gets into our body through polluted air, some types of fish and silver/mercury amalgam teeth fillings.

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Eating abundantly from the veggie kingdom is vital for proper nutrition. If perplexed about how to go about this because either you’re disinterested in becoming a veggie chef or are unwilling to train your palette to appreciate the taste, get a juicer.

The idea behind juicing vegetables and fruit (more veggies than fruit, as too much fruit yields too much sugar) is that you can consume much more of the healthy phytochemicals if the juice is separated from the pulp.  This nutrition is absorbed and building up your body within 15 minutes.

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Evita Remparte was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.  First she did a juice cleanse detox for three days and lost seven pounds. She continued and revamped her diet, making it vegetable and juice focused.  After four months, she was cancer free and lost a considerable amount of excess weight. Hers is probably not a prescription for combating cancer, but what she did worked for her.

Lustrous skin and hair indicate health. It’s the outer evidence of inner health.  The plentiful consumption of natural foods can result in lustrous skin and hair.  This can happen in 30 days.  The skin is a symbol of our nutrition, as it conveys what’s going on inside our bodies.  Improve the quality of your skin and hair by eating less wheat-based and packaged foods, replacing them with foods that look like they just came from the farm.

Cosmetics are a chemical dumping ground: horse urine and fragrance chemicals get absorbed into your body and potentially excite disease.

Traumas and Dramas.  The “A Study” is a study about obesity.  It posits that obesity is the result of stress and emotional adversity.  People turn to food to nurture themselves.  Stress causes cortisol, the so-called “death hormone”, which makes you gain weight.

Visualization is the language to use to communicate with your subconscious. Make a visual image of the way you want to look.  Focus on it and absorb it regularly.  Imagine being and living in that body.  This can turn the program off that undermines you.

Love of self and others is cited as the crucial component for health and weight loss. When you feel unloved, you feel unsafe. If you feel worthless and unloved, you need to unwind the internal chatter that limits and undermines you.  Tell yourself this:

“I accept myself unconditionally right now”.

Then pause and observe the nasty, contradictory messages that challenge this assertion, such as:

“You’re overweight, you’re unloved, and you don’t have a job”.

Repeat the affirmative self-talk.  After 30 days of consistently repeating this mantra, those nasty voices will go quiet as you get stronger

Three questions to improve your life:

  1. Where does my food come from?
  2. What attitudes care or love went into the food?
  3. What is my intention with this food – nutrition or entertainment?

Paying attention to these three questions throughout that day will shift your response to, and selection of, the food you eat.

OK, so that’s what I got from my notes; and, mind you, I only started taking them about half way through the documentary.  Watch the trailer below and than go see the whole kit and kaboodle free until March 31, 2012, at either at Dr. Mercola’s website here, or sign-up and watch it at the HungeryForChange.tv website.

Here’s the trailer to Hungry for Change:


Contributors to Hungry for Change include:

Dr. Alejandro Junger

Dr Christiane Northrup

David Wolfe

Daniel Vitalis

Dr Joseph Mercola

Jason Vale

Jon Gabriel

Kris Carr

Evita Ramparte

Frank Ferrante

Joe Cross

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