Artifical Sweeteners Make You Fat, Neotame Makes You Sick

Neotame is a new sweetener on the market, and it’s more awful than Aspartame.  No-calorie sweeteners play a huge role in making us fat and sick.  You need to learn about how this happens.  A simple and eye-opening way is to watch Hungry for Change.

Add "Neotame" to the list of toxic "foods"

YESTERDAY, I watched and blogged about an insightful and useful documentary that has recently been released for free viewing (until March 31, 2012) called Hungry for Change.

The underlying message is that much of our food in the modern world is manufactured with a host of unsavory chemicals and sweeteners that make us overfed and under nourished, or put in another way, unhealthy and fat.

You’d do yourself a service by reading my post called, Overfed and Undernourished, where there is a trailer to Hungry for Change and links to this full run time documentary.

That said, I want you to know that there’s a relatively new sweetener that’s nuzzled up to the nefarious Aspartame.  It’s called Neotame. 

Neotame is Aspartame on steroids!

Frankly, I can’t fathom how this shit gets passed the FDA, but it does.

Consider the following factoids about Neotame, particularly the last one:

  • It’s made by NutraSweet, a former division of the Monsanto evil empire and the original manufacturer of Aspartame.
  • Neotame is 13,000 times sweeter than table sugar, and about 30 times sweeter than Apartame.
  • It’s more stable at higher temperatures than Aspartame, and is thereby approved for use in a wider array of food products, including baked goods.
  • One of the byproducts your body creates by breaking down aspartame is formaldehyde, which is extremely toxic to your health even in very small doses.
  • Both Neotame and Aspartame are known to rapidly stimulate the release of insulin and leptin — two hormones that are intricately involved with satiety and fat storage. Insulin and leptin are also the primary hormones that regulate your metabolism. So although you’re not ingesting calories in the form of sugar, Aspartame and Neotame can still raise your insulin and leptin levels. Elevated insulin and leptin levels, in turn, are two of the driving forces behind obesity, diabetes, and a number of our current chronic disease epidemics.

The five facts presented above were culled from an article on Dr. Mercola’s website called, Is This More-Dangerous-than-Aspartame Sweetener Hiding in Your Food?. It’s a worthwhile read.

If you consume a lot of food that comes in boxes or cans, you need to know about how it’s sweetened, because invariably it is.  Even some milk is sweetened.  Much of it is hidden behind obscure-sounding words, like “Aspartame” and “Neotame”, as well as “High Fructose Corn Syrup“.  Learn to read the labels.

Read the Labels

Reading labels is one of the best things you can do.  Let them guide your food and drink consumption choices.  The fewer the ingredients listed, the better.  The more words printed on the label you understand, the better.

Broccoli doesn’t not come with a label… you already know what it is.  Food is labeled to tell you what someone did to create it, and that you need to know.

Read about Neotame and Aspartame (it’s in Nutrasweet, Equal, Sugar Twin, etc.) and watch, at least, the Hungry for Change trailer.

It’s said that “knowledge is power”, but it also leads to health… that is if you put it into practice.


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