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Get Strong and Live long with Strength Training

get strong and live long

There’s no getting around it — you must engage in strength training to get strong and live long. There’s no point in having a long life if you can’t walk up the stairs or lift yourself off the floor. Learn the science and get inspired by three seniors that are probably older and stronger than you.

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The Functionally Fit Fast Workout — Posterior Chain: Back, Lats, Glutes and Calves (Part III)

The “posterior chain” is the focus of Part III of a six-part video-based series on getting functionally fit fast. Functional fitness means being able to lift, pull and move your body through space over time efficiently and injury-free. If you’d like to get strong, muscular, more flexible and improve your cardio, begin with Part I and work your way here.

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How I’m Boosting Testosterone and Blasting Body Fat

Your testosterone is low and body fat’s high. It often works that way. Improve one and the other improves too. This post details what I’m doing to measure and manage nutritional inputs as I endeavor to boost my testosterone and blast away some body fat.

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