The Functionally Fit Fast Workout — Post-Exercise Stretching (Part VI)

This is the sixth and final part of a six-part video-based workout series on getting functionally fit fast.

yoga stretchNote: This is article 6, part 4 to my FREE four-part series about how to build a strong and youthful body.

The 6-Part Functional Strength Series

  • Part I gets you oriented to the workout, including the important “Workout Guidelines” and “Workout Routine”, which are presented below.
  • Part II  focuses on mobility, which is the full range of motion in joints, and flexibility in ligaments and muscle, as well as some specialized exercises for overlooked muscles.
  • Part III focuses on the back, lats, glutes and calves.
  • Part IV focuses on the chest, shoulders and thighs.
  • Part V focuses on chest, biceps and triceps.
  • Part VI is what you’re now reading, and focuses on very important post-weight lifting stretches.
[Continuing from Part V…]


6. Stretch Post Workout

At first blush, it might appear that mobility exercises such as those show in Part II are basically the same as stretching exercises.  There are similarities.  As I reckon it, the main difference is that mobility exercises are typically “dynamic” and stretching is “static”.

Dynamic means that you might be pulsing or moving during any particular mobility exercise, and often the exercise simulates a specific weight-bearing exercise, or part of one — this being another differentiation between a mobility exercise and stretching.

By referring to stretching as static means that you put yourself into a position of tension (muscles and tendons are stretched) and hold it, or incrementally move deeper into the position as the soft tissue lengthens.

As we’ve seen in these six pages of exercises, it’s best to begin a workout routine with mobility drills and finish with stretches. Stretching after your workout will improve the rate of recovery and soreness.

I searched through YouTube to find you a good overall post-weight lifting stretching routine, but came up isolated muscle-specific stretches, or routines that only a yogini or ballerina could do.  So, you’re gonna get my stretch routine…


You’ll notice by my huffing and puffing that this appears like it’s at the end of a workout, and it is.  You may see the rest of what I called the “All Day Homestead Workout” here. Unfortunately, there’s no video, only snapshots,

Well, that’s it… this is the last part of the six-part series.

I hope you got something of value out of it.

Do you have any questions or suggestions? If so, put em in the Comments section below.


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