A More Youthful Body Thru Progression, Tiny Habits and A Buddy

A brief look at how you can begin to build a more youthful body thru the principles of Progression, Tiny Habits and a Buddy (or two).

helping handI WAS just drafting my very first Newsletter to GarmaOnHealth Subscribers when it occurred to me that a part of it should find its way on to a blog post; this very one.

As it’s now designed, my Newsletter does three things:

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So here it is… part of what I just wrote in my Newsletter…


These three things could help you enormously:

1. Progression.  It’s inevitable (and obvious) that you must begin any journey from where you are.  Sometimes we don’t bother because we think the distance is so far given where we’re starting from.  But think of it this way: tomorrow is going to come… do you want to be one inch closer to your destination or not?  Progression is inching your way to where you want to be, step by step.  Take a step in the right direction, and your destination is inevitable.

2. Tiny Habits Build Big Ones.  Stanford professor, BJ Fogg has done the research on this, and now has plenty of results to show that tiny habits build big ones.  The idea is to adopt a habit that is so easy that it would be near impossible not to do it if you think it could build to something significant. This is covered in article 1, part 1 of the How to Build A Strong and Youthful Body series right here.

3. Grab A Buddy!  You’ll “hear” me saying this repeatedly. And that’s because recruiting a friend (or two) that can commit to taking this journey with you is one of the most proven methods to getting there.  Contact someone who may want to strive for the same goal(s) as you.  Or share this page with your social platforms and see who may jump aboard.


Mindset – The First Thing To Develop for A More Youthful Body

Mindset is the first of four Pillars that make up the Age-proof Method, a crash course under development about how to age younger.

Yeah, a strange phrase, but “age younger” simply means that your…

chronology ≠ your biology.


Well, another way of saying it is that all of your biological “markers” — testosterone/estrogen, thyroid, insulin, pulse, VO2-max, lean muscle mass, telomere length, etc. — can be at the level of someone far younger chronologically than you are.

This doesn’t happen magically. You have to do a bunch of things regularly, methodically.  And this begins with shaping the right “mindset”.

Without setting your mind to it, and having habit-forming skills, nothing else happens.  I like to say that most everything you experience in life has to do with your software.  Not that in your computer, but in your brain.

You could take the most unhealthy, overweight person you know, and if you could infuse Jack LaLanne’s Jack LaLanne ahead-of-his-time-then-and-nowmental software into that person’s brain, in some relatively short amount of time, (s)he’d be fit.  Jack would know what to do, have the desire and habits. Step by step, the goal would be reached.


The Four Pillars of A Long and Strong Life

Do yourself a favor and read The Four Pillars of A Long and Strong Life.  It will get you going.

Here’s how it starts out:

What if you could experience your 90th year with your 50-year old body? If it’s possible, it will take an overhaul of what you think, and what you do. You must clear six hurdles and construct four pillars upon which your life must unfold.

Read it. Get inspired. You might even want to become a Subscriber.

If so, welcome aboard!

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