Outline of the Ageproof Method Course

Outline of the Ageproof Method Course

Although its completion is still some months away, I want to update you about the Ageproof Method course that I’ve been working on since Moses was young. Check out the outline — it will give you some sense for what’s coming.

Outline of the Ageproof Method Course

Joe Garma, at age 59, showing off a bit of mobility and balance in the Headlands north of San Francisco.

This past week, I’ve been reviewing the work that two years of effort has produced to create the Ageproof Method course, my video ourse about how to age better: . My jaw dropped when I observed that the notes extend beyond 800 pages. This is one of those examples of a journey you never would have begun if you knew how long or difficult it would be — and I’m not even finished yet!

This has caused some amount of consternation among my friends. Some heckle me. Some sigh in exasperation. The teasing can be quite creative. I’m not immune to these displays of incredulity. I get where they’re coming from. I just shrug and plod on, taking some refuge in the thought that Dr. Peter Attia’s best-selling book, Outlive, took him six years to complete — and he had research assistants and editors!

If you’re a Subscriber to my Newsletter (if not, go here), you might have wondered if I was still on task. Or perhaps you have forgotten about it. Certainly, it’s been quite awhile since I mentioned it. But now, obviously, I am, because I want to share where I’m at in developing the Ageproof Method course, what you can expect from it, and (holding my breath) when I hope to finish it.

Let’s first begin with a name. Nothing is set in stone until it is, but my working title is:

The Ageproof Method: 14 Steps to a Long and Strong Life

(Feel free to suggest alternative titles in the Comments below.)

It will be a video course staring yours truly. I will endeavor to not make it primarily a “talking head” course. Fortunately, there will be lots of stuff to demonstrate that will pull me away from the desk camera. My aim is to complete it by the summer. “This year”, Mitch inquired. “Yes”, I stammered.

You can check out the course outline below. I’ve written about some of these topics, so you’ll  see links to that. Each “Step” will supported by at least three lessons that explain it, how to do it, and the science behind it.

Also, I want to write an ebook of some sort prior to the completion of the course. It would summarizes each of the 14 Steps. This would give you a very good overview of the course, and help you decide if you want to enroll.

So, without further adieu, here’s a taste of what’s coming …

The Chapters are organized into these five Modules:

  1. Plasticity, the potential
  2. Mindset, the enabler
  3. Move, the pulse
  4. Fuel, the metabolizer
  5. Reset, the revitalizer

As it stands, this is how the course is currently organized:

Module 1: Plasticity, the potential

Step 1: Understand why aging is plastic

Your genes are not your destiny; it’s your epigenome that tells the tale, because it is shaped by your lifestyle choices.

Step 2: Test your real age

How old are you really? Test yourself via blood metrics, AI facial recognition, bioage and physical assessments. (More here.)

Module 2: Mindset, the enabler

Step 3. Become mindful about what runs your life

Your attitudes are formed by emotions, thoughts and the self-talk of the monkey mind. Do they support or undermine you? (More here.)

Step 4: Make your habits tiny 

Ditch the Plan for the Practice of making your habits tiny — seeds that when planted, grow big.

Step 5: Meditate for 20 minutes

Practice envisioning the age-less you with brainwave entrainment.

Module 3: Move, the pulse

Step 6: Do 5 reps of the “World’s Greatest Stretch” every day

Mobilize and stabilize your kinetic chain via spine, shoulder and hip flexion and rotation.

Step 7: Increase your Vo2 max to 40 mL/kg/min (women) and 45 mL/kg/min(men)

Elevating your VO2 max can extend lifespan, boost cardiorespiratory fitness and cut mortality risk by 56% or more.

Step 8. Lift heavy things 3 times per week, including yourself

Build your muscle and strength to minimize sarcopenia, frailty and the risk of becoming incapacitated by falling.

Module 4: Fuel, the metabolizer

Step 9: Eat a plant-dominate, fiber-rich Mediterranean Diet

Phytonutrients, fiber and plant proteins can support mitochondrial health, metabolic regulation, and a thriving gut microbiome – all of which are critical for healthy aging and longevity. (Read this and this.)

Step 10: Eat based on your caloric energy balance

The Energy Balance Equation is steadfast, with some very important exceptions (like, perchance, obesity). Use it to get lean.

Step 11: Stop eating three hours before bedtime

Whatever time you begin eating each day, stop three-plus hours before bedtime to sync your eating with your circadian rhythms.

Module 5: Reset, the revitalizer

Step 12: Get 7 to 9 hours of restorative sleep

As a proportion of total sleep time, get 50 to 60% of Light sleep, 20 to 25% of REM sleep, and 13 to 23% of Deep sleep. (Check these resources.)

Step 13: Enhance your three-phase detoxification system

Unlock, transform and eliminate toxins with pure water, sulfur-rich cruciferous vegetables, fiber and specific herbs.

Step 14: Revitalize your thymus to revitalize your health

Counteract endemic early thymic decline to restore immune resilience, hormone balance, and inflammatory control. (See Thymic rejuvenation and aging and The effect of age on thymic function.)


That’s it.

You may submit questions or comments in the Comments section below.

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