Skin Is More Than Skin Deep

Supplements and lotions reviewed here: Vitamin D3, MSM Lotion, Aloe.

Woman with beautiful skin tilts her head upon which is a straw hat.THE HEALTH of your skin reflects your overall health, for truly there’s little about it that’s only skin-deep. It follows that if you lather various topical solutions on your skin to make it look better — unless they have nutrients designed to be transdermally absorbed — the outcome will be unsatisfactory.

So, want better looking, healthy skin?

Well, then you better address the whole body-package.  That said, it makes sense to use moisturizers that keep skin cells plump and, of course, sun protection so you neither approximate the appearance of a lizard, or become an artifact in a cancer ward.

Please go read my post called Detoxifying Your Way to Nirvana.  Few things you can do to your insides have such a dramatic effect to your outside (skin) as cleansing.

While you’re digesting that post, you can consider two essential fatty acid products great for healthy skin, among many: Ultra EPA and Evening Primrose Oil.

You may also wish to take WebMD’s Personal Skin Evaluator.  I just did and wonder if the set of suggestions the “evaluator” produced for me based on my personal input is pretty much the same for everyone.  That said, good suggestions about skin care are offered.

Here’s the stuff I use:

Vitamin D3 1000 IU (1000IU, 180 Softgels)
Vitamin D3
Called the “sunshine vitamin” because your body will synthesize it in sunlight. This has been a check-in-the-box vitamin until recently.  Now, scientist are discovering that many of us are Vitamin D deficient, particularly African-Americans and Hispanics living in North America (who evolved in parts of the world with more sunlight).  What’s more, there’s a link between Vitamin D deficiency and cancer. Good insurance, I’d say!

Rich’s MSM Lotion Made with MSM, various essential fatty acids and aloe vera, this well-priced lotion rapidly penetrates your skin and does a good job of hydrating it.  MSM is great for the skin, and I ingest it in capsule or powder form as well.

Aloe Vera Gel Lotion I use the generic stuff distributed by Trader Joe’s which is only offered in-store, but my guess is that as long as the label says something like “99% pure” and “organic”, the product should be fine.  Here I link to Jason Naturals Aloe Vera because of the reputation of the company, but there are many others to select from at, or your health food store.  Also, know that aloe vera is a amazing plant and offers many health benefits, particularly if you ingest it (the liquid form).  I drink it every day with my vitamin drink, as it helps with digestion and cleansing.

For some general nutritional guidance that could help support skin health see this post entitled: Vitamins and Minerals — The Basics.


A Detox Bath Works Wonders

So, do apply lotions, but, as I said, pay attention to helping your skin from the inside out.  Besides cleansing, you can also do a detox bath that will quickly make you feel tingly and good.

Prepare this:

1. Fill up a tub with hot water.

2. If you have a window in the bathroom, crack it a bit.

3. Pour 1 cup of baking soda, 1 cup of sea salt and 1 heaping tablespoon of ginger powder* into the tub.

4. Fetch a big glass of purified water (over 8 oz if available) and mix in trace minerals if you have them (if not, no worries).

5. Grab your loofah (skin brush sponge-thingie).

Now, do this:

1. Take 250 milligrams of regular Niacin** and wait for the flush.***

2. Swirl around the water mixture… add more hot water if needed.

2. Get in the tub.

3. Soak a bit and then scrub yourself from head to toe with the loofah (no soap).

4. Rest and repeat the scrubbing three times… stay in the tub for at least 20 minutes.

5. Take a shower and scrub head to toe with soap and the loofah, rinse and shine.

* Be careful with the ginger powder as it can “burn” if too much is used, particularly in sensitive areas of the body.  I suggest you start with 1 tablespoon and add when ready.  If the amount you use does not produce some heat (other than temperature) in the tub, add more.

** Niacin comes in two forms (that I know about): the stuff that allows the capillaries in your skin to be flushed with blood (which can feel uncomfortable, like a sunburn), or non-flush.  You want the flush kind, such as Solgar Niacin.  Be careful with the amount, because the flushing can be uncomfortable (although the detox bath alleviates this quite a bit). 250 milligrams may be too much on an empty stomach.  I use 500 milligrams, but I’m accustomed to this craziness.

*** Have I said enough about “flushing”?  If you don’t like the feeling of being sunburned, be careful with the amount of Niacin you take (see above).  Same thing with the ginger powder (see above).

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Supplement Disclaimer

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