10 Winter Health Myths

Am on a myth roll… this one, “10 winter health myths”.  After all, it is winter, you want to be healthy, so check it out.

10 Winter Health Myths

I JUST can’t help myself.  Just read another list of health myths, and am compelled to list them, but this time, I’ll leave it to you to click over to the original article rather than summarize them (along with my two cents), as I did yesterday’s post, 12 Myths About Cholesterol.

This one is from Yahoo! Health and it’s called, 10 Winter Health Myths Exposed, by Sara Jio.  Go to her article and read the specifics about why all but one of these commonly held beliefs are bunk, or continue on here to scan the list.

Here they are, 10 Winter Health Myths:

  1. You can catch a cold by being out in the elements too long. (It isn’t the cold, it’s the bacteria and viruses.)
  2. More people are depressed during the winter months. (Perhaps a bit more stress, but not depression.)
  3. Chicken soup helping a cold is an “old wives tale”. (This one might be right, because chicken soup could help the immune system by helping to aggregate white blood cells to fight off infections.)
  4. Wear a hat cause you lose must of your heat via the head. (Nope, first be concerned with your torso – wear a warm jacket.)
  5. Shouldn’t exercise in the cold. (Nope, just warm up first.)
  6. We need more sleep in the winter. (Not a need, but perhaps a compulsion.)
  7. Don’t need sunscreen in the winter. (Yes you do… the Sun and UV rays are still present.)
  8. Frostbite is hard to get. (No, can happen in just 30 minutes.)
  9. Dry skin is harmless and a winter issue. (Maybe not, as it can induce infection.)
  10. Can’t get allergies during the winter. (Depends – pollen allergy suffers are safe, but indoor allergies get worse.)

Well, I guess I did include a summary (actually, a conclusion) for each of these 10 winter health myths, but for more insight and a better understanding, go read Sara Jio’s article.

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