The Functionally Fit Fast Workout — Warm Up and Mobility (Part II)

This is Part II of a six-part video-based series on getting functionally fit fast. Functional fitness means being able to lift, pull and move your body through space over time efficiently and injury-free. If you’d like to get strong, muscular, more flexible and improve your cardio, begin with Part I and work your way here.

Mobility wizard Kelly Starrett holds court.

Mobility wizard Kelly Starrett holds court.

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The 6-Part Functional Strength Series

  • Part I gets you oriented to the workout, including the important “Workout Guidelines” and “Workout Routine”, which are presented below.
  • Part II is what you’re now reading, and focuses on mobility, which is the full range of motion in joints, and flexibility in ligaments and muscle, as well as some specialized exercises for overlooked muscles.
  • Part III focuses on the back, lats, glutes and calves.
  • Part IV focuses on the chest, shoulders and thighs.
  • Part V focuses on chest, biceps and triceps.
  • Part VI focuses on very important post-weight lifting stretches.
[Continuing from Part I…]


2. Warm-up/Mobility/Stability Drills

Before taxing your back and legs it’s important to warm-up your core, that part of your body extending from below your chest to your hips, front and back. While we’re at it, we’ll get the glutes fired up so you can have a better kinesthetic awareness of them during the next compound set.


2.1 Full Body Dynamic Joint Rotation

My recommendation is that you watch the videos in this section and begin your workout with the mobility/stability exercises that will work with for you given your current physical condition. The objective is to warm up all your joints, create a bit of perspiration and heat in your body so that you’re ready to put out some effort.

Don’t choose the simplest ones for you to do, for often the most difficult ones are those you most need.


2.2a Dead Bug

Make sure you press the lower part of your back, the lordosis, firmly against the floor, and stop the exercise once you now longer can keep your lower back flat against the floor.


2.2b Leg Lifts


2.2c Floor Crunches


2.3a Stability Ball Crunches


2.3b Stability Ball Glutes


2.3c Floor Glutes


2.4 Back Extensions on Floor


These next two are really good for people who sit all day, particularly hunched over a keyboard. The Scapula Pushup and Elbow Pushups will strengthen the muscles in your upper back that help hold up your head and have more upright posture.


2.5 Scapula Pushup

The Scapula Pushup is demonstrated at the 3:48 minute mark, so go straight to that mark, or watch the whole video for more ideas for warm-up exercises.


2.6 Face Pull


OK, you’re done with warm-up and core exercises that should begin your every workout, with some upper back and glute work thrown in. Now it’s time to get to the stuff that will really task your large muscles…

… and for that we go to Part III.


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