Goldman Sachs Gets Your Vaccine (SNL Video)

Move the Waiting Line to Wall Street

Mid-19th century picture of line of poor looking people under a sign saying: "World's Highest Standard of Living"FOR REASONS yet to be fathomed, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (“CDC“) has decided to allocate the scarce H1N1 vaccine to a few Wall Street institutions, such as Goldman Sachs and Citi Group.

This is at a time when there are substantially insufficient H1N1 Swine Flu vaccine supplies for various high-risk populations, such as children and pregnant mothers.

Chalk it up to another blunder by the likes of Goldman, that costs you, but, decidedly, not them.

After being excoriated by just about everyone NOT working on Wall Street for a few basic things like undertaking risks that helped slammed the economy into a deep recession, then having their businesses saved by taxpayer billions, and then setting aside billions more for bonuses, Goldman Sachs and their lot have become the new symbol for the despised Robber Barons of old.

Not to let the good people at Goldman skip a chance to get pilloried, SNL plied their usual comedic sensibilities to the much needed task.

Watch Saturday Night Live having fun with Goldman Sachs:

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