Youtube Radiation Scares. True or False? NYT’s Radiation Animation

The Net is abuzz with conspiracy theories of every stripe, so naturally this mindset has turned to the radiation fallout from Japan’s nuclear disaster, with the claims that it’s worse than reported and has already jumped the “pond” (Pacific Ocean).  The New York Times has a real time animation of the radioactive plume crossing the ocean (watch).

LATE LAST night, a friend of mine emailed me a youtube link. The video was a well done presentation about how non-government radiation monitoring systems prove that the government has been lying to us, and that we should be concerned about radiation coming to North America from Japan.

The video was well presented, but I think it was also wrong.  I say this despite that the New York Time has goosed the anxiety level by creating an animation of the Japan-originated radioactive plume that is projected to reach North America shores by Friday (tomorrow).

New York Time's Japan radiation plume forecast

The animation shows the transit pattern and the level of radioactivity.  View the radiation forecast here. Once there, click the “Play” button.

Back to the youtube conspiracy…

It’s not that I reject the notion that governments will lie to their people — heck, it’s not a “notion”, but a fact that such is ALWAYS going on.  But this should not be one’s knee jerk default position.  I decided to check out the youtube claim.

This was my reply to my friend’s email:

Hi Margareta.

A few points about this youtube video and the sites to which it refers:

1. The video guy begins with his bias that the Illuminati are out to get us, which biases the rest of it for me

2. The site that he claims shows high radiation levels — — did not show them just now when I examined it.  The author of the Black Cat Systems site writes that background radiation levels are common, which Bakersfield is now (as of this writing) well within; in fact, it’s on the low side.  (The youtube guy said dangerous levels of radiation is coming through Bakersfield now.)  Moreover, the readings on this map are done by amateurs, and the caveat emptor by Black Cat is that they are prone to error.

3.  The professional radiation map, perhaps government sponsored, is the National Radiation Map, which shows similar radiation levels as the Black Cat Systems’ map: The video guy claims that these reported radiation levels are wrong because of the conspiracy.

4.  The rest of the youtube presentation overlays a computerized weather system which shows air currents and cloud movement and then takes the leap that these are moving the high radiation in certain directions over the USA. Of course, if the first assertion about high radiation is wrong, this drama is also wrong.

My 2 cents.


Now, despite my “2 cents”, I am taking precautions as I detail in these posts: Go Where the Herd’s Not — Promising Ways to Fight Radiation Poisoning and What to Do About Japan’s Nuclear Fallout.

I recommend that you do too, if not for this Japan crisis, then for whichever one is around the corner from you.

If you think I need to wake up to some conspiracy, please supply your evidence in the Comments section below.  Thanks!

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