How to get the Green Lantern’s, aka Ryan Reynolds, Buff Body

Celebrity exercise trainer Bobby Strom talks about coaching Ryan Reynolds build his “Green Lantern” physique, and I present the video of a kettle bell workout that could get you lean and muscular just like Mr. Reynolds.

THERE’S A new comic book hero about to grace the big screen in the visage of actor Ryan Reynolds who plays the “Green Lantern”, seemingly, a guy that gets amped up on green light in order to, what else, save the world.

Now, you might have noticed that comic book heroes are more buff than the average bear; however, typically, the actors that portray them are not.  At least not when they win the role.  To get them credible, they must become buff.  To get buff, they must build muscle and lose fat.

(Don’t lose the fat, won’t see the muscle. Don’t see the muscle… well, what kinda comic book hero are you, after all!?)

To paraphrase Arnold Schwarzenegger:  I’m the sculptor of my body.  I see that it needs something more here or there, and I go to the gym and work that body part, and I mold it as I want it.  (This “paraphrase” is recounted from memory of an article I read as a teenager at a time when I devoured muscle builder mags with abandon.)

And all this boils down to… if  Ryan Reynolds is going to capably play the mighty luminous Green Lantern, he needs to lose fat and build muscle.  To do that, he needs a coach.

Enter trainer Bobby Strom.  He is touted as the guy responsible for Reynolds’ buffedness, although I tend to believe that, given all the grunting and groaning he invariably did, Reynolds himself deserves some credit as well.

I came across this whole story via Yahoo, where lurked a video showing a clip of Diane Mizota of “Inside & Out” visiting Reynolds’ trainer of nine years, the aforementioned, Bobby Strom.  Once in Strom’s capable (large) hands, Mizota was put through the paces of the routine Strom did with the actor every day on the film set.


The routine showed (watch the video below) couldn’t possibly be responsible for the buffedness.  And that is the reason I’m bothering with this post.

The bone I’m picking here has to do with the “why bother” issue.  Why bother to put trainer Strom and whoever Mizota together to show how the buffedness happened, when you demonstrate just a smidgen of it?

I mean, Strom demonstrated just three of the exercises of Reynolds’ training program, mostly core related, which are great exercises.  But they’re not what built the majority of Ryan’s physique.

Despite this, I suggest you view the video because the exercises demonstrates are excellent and focus on a much under-used, weak part of most of our bodies – the core muscles, the place from which much of our  stability and power emanates.

A word about Kettle bells

This bulbous iron weights with a handle are fantastic.  Most exercises utilizing kettle bells require the use of multiple major muscles in an integrated way, as well as the core.  You can get muscular and strong fast.

In his best-selling book, The 4-Hour Body: An Uncommon Guide to Rapid Fat-Loss, Incredible Sex, and Becoming Superhuman, Tim Ferriss presents a case studies of himself and a few women who lost fat and gained lean muscle by using two to three kettle bell exercises 15 minutes or so per session, twice a week.  That’s effective training!

The “Getting Buff the Green Lantern Way” video does highlights the beauty of kettle bells, and you can learn about them and many, many other insights about how to get more from less, in terms of diet, exercise, and… yes… even sex from Ferriss’ “Four Hour Body” book.

Here’s Bobby Strom talking about Ryan’s Green Lantern workout:

Here’s how Reynolds really must have worked out:

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