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I THINK it’s a good idea that on each Sunday I should summarize and link to various articles and blog posts that I’ve read, like and am either too lazy to dig into, or have nothing of much value to add.

So, today is Sunday, and here’s what I’d like to share about Longevity, Superfoods and Psychology…


How long will you live? It’s a question that’s lurking inside all of us, whether or not expressed to others, or even ourselves.  Of course, no one can know that answer with certainty (unless you’re “taking your live in your own hands”), but there are probabilities associated with life and death… certain habits or propensities that place you closer or further from “death’s door”. 

Answer these questions and calculate your life expectancy.  If you don’t like the answer, spend some time on this site reading posts about Diet and Aging found in the “sidebar” in the right-hand column of your screen.

Lifespan Habits. In this article, Dr. Maoshing Ni summarizes the 8 lifestyle habits that quickly age you and the 6 healthy habits that contribute to extending the average lifespan.


What makes certain foods so super? Well, one thing that makes them so super is their “nutrient density” as this post by Shereen Jegtvig explains.  The bottom line is that not all calories are created equal – seek to get the most nutrition from your calories.

The Perfect Diet. According to Jonny Bowden, a board-certified nutritionist, although there is no perfect diet for all people, the healthiest foods on earth have one particular common trait: They’re all based on whole foods with minimum processing.  For instance, nuts, berries, beans, raw milk and grass-fed meat.  He makes his case here.


Why are you happy?  If you’re not, why not? Joshua Wolf Shenk explores these questions in his revealing Atlantic Magazine story, What Makes Us Happy?  This article is long and detailed, but that’s part of what makes it so worthwhile – through examining scientifically measured case studies, it will give you real insights about how your brain perceives the stuff that makes us happy.

I’ll give you two components of happiness determined in the study, the no-brainers, Intimacy and Love… the more you have, the happier you’ll likely be.

5 steps to move from longing to actualization. In order to reveal how people often block what they most want, Author and motivational speaker, Agapi Stassinopoulos, tells us about the personal longing a friend has for a relationship .  She writes, “Longing acts as a defense mechanism or a security blanket that stops us from trying, failing and being disappointed. It actually paralyzes us from creating opportunities”.

So, that’s it for the week in review.

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