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Could You Use An Extra Incentive To Exercise?

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ON HER birthdays and Christmas when I can get her attention for a moment, as she tears through the wrapping paper of present after present after present, barely registering what the gift is before turning to the next box to open, I sometimes tease my six-year old niece that if she were my daughter I’d give her a stick.

When I first told her this, she was four years old.  She paused just long enough for me to perceive that she got what I said.  Later, once the adrenalin had worn off, she asked, “Why a stick, Tio?”. (“Tio” is Uncle in Spanish.)

“Well, that’s all you need to have fun”, I replied.  “You take the stick outside and throw it around and run after it, or push it in the ground and hang moss from it and pretend that it’s Barbie’s wicked step-mother”.

…Ahhh, the sound of a child’s deep laughter…

This might be a strange way to introduce training applications designed to help you exercise, so let me explain:  Just as all you need to play is a stick, all you need to exercise is your body — the rest is just stuff to excite your imagination, if insufficient.

And that’s fine by me… whatever it takes, cause just a casual glance around the Mall in American and most industrialized nations tells you that we need whatever help we can get to get and stay motivated to move.

So, if you like gadgets and think that buying one that tests, monitors, or just plain encourages you to exercise, go buy one.  (Some are even free.) There are lots of options.

Have an iPhone?  There are a billion apps built for it, training apps among them.  FitDeck Mobile is built both for the iPhone and Blackberry by a former Navy Seal instructor, as consists of illustrations of the basics, like jumping jacks and push-ups.

Want something more special?  They exist in plenitude, like PumpOne which has 20 workout apps for the iPhone, including specific sports, like golf, or specific goals like burning fat.

MyTracks, for the Android phone, might be useful for the outdoor enthusiast who would like to track where in the heck she’s running or hiking via GPS signals.

Read about these and many more here.

Last Updated on September 29, 2022 by Joe Garma

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