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Jimmey Kimmel on iPhone Health Care

A Health Care Primer for Apple Hipsters [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ITT6bYYGVfM[/youtube] HAVEN’T BEEN following the trails and tribulations of Congress’s attempt to revamp how American’s get health care? Well, now you can have it sung to you! Comedian Jimmy Kimmel introduces a new iPhone App that let’s President Obama sing a new tune on health care.  “T-Pain” leads […]

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Subsidized Taste Buds Ruin Health Care Reform

Agribusiness Subsidies Produce the Food that Makes Us Fat… And Fat Makes Us Chronically Ill. I CONTEND, along with many smarter than me, that nothing can significantly improve the health care system in America if the epidemic of chronic disease linked to diet is not reversed. As Michael Pollen, the Professor of Journalism at UC […]

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