Another Darn White Spot On My Nail — What Gives?!

The mystery of those white spots that seem to appear on your nails without rhyme or reason is now (maybe) explained.

WHO DOESN’T get those strangely mysterious white spots on their nails from time to time?

Wonder what they are or why they happen?

Turns out that such white spots are called leukonychia.  Yes you, like me, have been told that they’re caused by a vitamin or mineral deficiency, such as zinc or calcium. Possible, but very unlikely to be true.

If the white spots were are result of a nutritional deficiency*, there would be other indicators, like your hair falling out, or chronic illness.

So, what causes these obnoxious spots?

Typically, they are formed if some unusual pressure is brought to bear upon your finger. Or you bang it.  The bruising happens quickly, but by the time the nail grows out from the skin and the evidence of bruising appears (leulonychia) you’ve forgotten the awful trauma that caused it.

I’m glad I finally did some homework to find out about this, because it’s been driving me crazy over the years.  After all, I’m a nutritional supplement power user, so it was hard to believe that I was vitamin or mineral deficient.*  Thankfully, I’m no longer suffering from cognitive dissonance.

If you have other nail issues you’d like to get to the bottom of, check out this site about nails.

And if you have friends who worry over their white spots, do them a favor and send them this post.



* By the way, you can take a bunch of vitamin supplements and still be deficient if they aren’t properly absorbed, but that’s another story for another time.

Last Updated on November 13, 2018 by Joe Garma

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