54 Year-old Model Reveals Her Anti-Aging Secrets

What does 54-year old model Carol Alt do to stay so young and vibrant looking? Her anti-aging secrets are pretty much common sense.

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HEY ALL, just wanted to quickly put this story up about 54-year old model, Carol Alt, whose anti-aging secrets amount to three things:

  1. Eat a lot of raw food
  2. Allow sensible cheating so you don’t feel deprived
  3. Use high quality oils on your skin

She says this about food:

People think I pop a pill, but when I start telling them, their faces fall because they realize they’re going to have to make changes. But it’s easy once you have the information. First, educate yourself. Second, find raw foods and try everything. Then decide what you like and order it. When I started 17 years ago, you couldn’t go online. But now, raw foods are everywhere. And in the beginning, I ate like a pig. That’s when people start to get panicky. But your body craves what it needs, then it will hit equilibrium and you’ll eat half.

Her typical day:

I’m kind of a diehard, so my typical day is not a typical day. I take my own milk and add a kefir starter, because kefir has more probiotics in it. And Go Raw has all kinds of fantastic granola. So there’s kefir and granola in the morning. For lunch I will do a gigantic salad with everything in it, carrots, avocado, olives, anything you can think of. Then for dinner, I’ll have tartare or carpaccio and salad. Sometimes I’ll actually have a seared steak that’s brown and blue, not black and blue. And then for dessert, I’ll have fruit. If I know I’m going to an event at night, I’ll have some raw milk cheese and raw crackers before I go.

When something’s going so well, you hesitate to mess with it, but I would advise that any fruit you eat is consumed before something slow-digesting like meat. Advocates of food combining — basically where you eat meals consisting of food that have the same digestion rate and are complimentary — say that eating fruit after something like meat causes the meal to ferment, thus potentially producing gas, bloating and poorly digested food.  Just something to consider.

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