Addicted to the Past?

the past

IF YOU’RE like me, you spend way too much time in the past.  Shoulda, coulda, woulda.  Who hasn’t had something happen to them that they’d like to redo?

Living in the past is a slippery slope. You only need a few good years among all the yesteryears and perhaps only one miserable month now to start musing about yesterday.

Before long, that good job in the past was a fantastic job, and that OK boyfriend was your soul mate.

The past only exists in our memory, and given the propensity of the current moment, the past is not particularly remembered accurately; rather, it takes on the tune of the song we want to hear right now.

Understanding what keeps you ruminating of times gone by, and then letting go is a necessary step to living your fullest potential now.

Life Coach, Tom Ferry posits that there are six signs that you suffer from an addiction to the past.

If any presented below resonates with you, go read the rest of his article.

Six Signs You Suffer from an Addiction to the Past

1. You Constantly Talk About the Past and the Way Things Used to Be

2. You Resist Change

3. You Continually Fail to Plan for a Better Future

4. You Argue for the Past that Things Used to Be Better

5. You’ve Allowed Relationships to Become Stale, Uninteresting and Without Passion

6. You have Physically or Mentally Peaked

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