Choose Your Detox Cleanse: One Of These Three Will Work For You!

How ‘bout kicking off the New Year with a detox cleanse?  Here are three, the first being brain-dead simple, the second just simple, and the third requiring you to dip deep. Watch the Videos. Cleanse on!

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Note: This is article 1, part 2 to my FREE four-part series about how to build a strong and youthful body.

WITH THE New Year looming, we begin to think about how we might do things differently next year so that we can have different outcomes.  All those desires and best intentions for this year ending get pushed forward into the next.

The challenge is change.

Remember that saying… something like…

“Doing the same thing and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity.”

We all know this to be true, and yet we persevere in doing the very same things that got us the very same results we don’t want.  And the simple reason for this is that change is hard to do.

Now, I’m getting close to veering off into an unintended topic for this particular post. What I want to cover here are progressive detox cleanses. If you’d like to read more about behavior modification, check out these articles:

The Genius of Doing – How to Change Things When Change is Hard,
Why Your Goals Should Be Small,
Six Tools To Make Your New Year Resolutions Come True, and
How To Make Tiny Habits Big.

Indeed, it may be something you learn from the above listed articles that will enable you to carry out a detox cleanse, or any other want you want to materialize and not have bouncing around in your head, always remaining the unachieved goal; a dream.

The rest of this post will present three detox cleanses of varying degrees of difficulty, or as I like to think of it, progressiveness.  Do the one that you know you can and will accomplish.

If you’re new to this, start simple – do the first one.  After that, you can always progresses to the more difficult cleanses when ready.

Detox Cleanse #1: Simple and Easy

There’s a difference between simple and easy.  Sprinting up stairs is simple, but not easy.

Number 1 on our list is both simple and easy. It doesn’t require that you eat anything differently, or that you stop eating whatever you are, or that you not eat at all.

All you need do is take some herbal supplements and drink lots of water. Oh, and go to the bathroom.

A lot.

Nature’s Secret Ultimate Cleanse

I’ve done this one many, many times because it’ simple and effective. You don’t have to prepare anything, plan anything, or jump thru hoops.  All you do is ingest some herbal tablets and drink water.  Natures Secret Ultimate Cleanse

The “Ultimate Cleanse” is a two-part program consisting of two different formulas.

Part 1 is called “Multi-Herb” and it consists of 29 herbs to help your body release toxins from all vital organs and body systems.

There are herbs for the liver (dandelion root), the lymph system (echinacea angustifolia root extract), to soothe the intestines (slippery elm bark) and many more, such as:

Alfalfa Leaf, Burdock Root, Fenugreek Seek, Chickweed Herb, Ginger Root, Mullein Leaf, Dandelion Root, Papaya Leaf, Fennel Seed, Black Cohosh Root, Yarrow Flower, Cayenne Fruit, Hawthorne Berries, Irish Moss, Horsetail Herb, Pacific Kelp, Licorice Root, Slippery Elm Bark, Marshmallow Root, Yellow Dock Root, Peppermint Leaf, Plantain Herb, Red Clover Tops, Echinacea Angustifolia Root Extract, Red Raspberry Leaf, Safflower Oil, Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract, Scullcap Herb, Milk Thistle Extract.

Part 2 is called “Multi-Fiber” and it’s designed to facilitate the removal of toxins and enhance proper bowel movements.

It combines 20 ingredients, including 13 sources of fiber, 5 complementary herbs, chlorella and acidophilus in a synergistic formula that supports the body’s own natural detoxification processes, helping to promote two to three (the maximum objective) bowel movements per day.

Here’s What You Do:

  • Upon arising and before bed you take one tablet each of Multi-Herb and Mult-Fiber.
  • Throughout the day drink eight glasses of eight ounces of pure water, at least.
  • After two or three days, add another of each tablet until you’re pooping three times a day, at which point you stay with the number of tablets that got you there.
  • If you’re on the throne more than three times per day, cut the number of tablets, and if less than three times, increase the number one at a time.
  • Continue till the bottles are empty (there are 120 tablets of each).
  • Every night you can manage it, take a Detox Bath (see below).

If you’re resistant to cleansing, but want to experience the benefits, this is a no-brainer way to go that really should make you feel better. (Especially if you’re constipated.)

You can learn more about Nature’s Secret Ultimate Cleanse and purchase it by clicking here. (affiliate link)


Detox Cleanse #2: Simple and Easy + 2

This one is just a tad more involved than Nature’s Secret Ultimate Cleanse because you add two activities: drinking tea and a cleansing drink.

You still get to eat and drink whatever it is you normally do, though here I’ll suggest that you use your good common sense and dramatically cut your consumption of slow digesting, manufactured (comes in boxes and cans), fast (comes from franchises, mostly) and sugary food and drink.

Natura Colonix by DrNatura

The #2 detox cleanse is called Dr. Natura Colonix Advanced Internal Cleansing Program. Dr. Natura Colonix Advanced Internal Cleansing Program

Quite a mouthful.

I’ve only done this cleanse once. (Here’s the story.) It passes muster, and is simple and easy to do, though perhaps not as easy as Nature’s Secret Ultimate Cleanse because it has, as mentioned, two more moving parts, the fiber drink and tea.

Colonaid by DrNatura is a three-part program.

Colonix Intestinal Cleanser is a fiber supplement that cleanses the colon of accumulated toxic build-up and prevents the formation of new build-up through the use of herbal dietary fiber

Paranil Anti-Parasite Support consists of 18 herbs that help to cut harmful parasites, including intestinal worms and their eggs from the colon and other parts of the body.

KleriTea for Regularity and Detoxification is a laxative tea designed to loosen the bowels while assisting in the detoxification process and thereby helping to restore normal bowel function and promote regularity

It would be wise to make and follow a schedule for this detox cleanse so that you don’t forget to take something at its appointed time.

Here’s What You Do:

  • Over the course of 14 days you take a cleansing drink, herbal tablets and a detox tea, and scheduled times throughout the day.
  • Throughout the day you drink eight glasses of eight ounces of pure water, at least.
  • Every night you can manage it, take a Detox Bath (see below).

You can learn more about Dr. Natura Colonix Advanced Internal Cleansing Program and purchase it by clicking here. (affiliate link)


Detox Cleanse #3: Not So Simple, Not So Easy

Finally, we have a detox cleanse that will take more effort. With the “Chinese Cleanse” you do have to eat differently and make your own foul-tasting detox tea from scratch.

You will have to make veggie meals, perhaps do some juicing, and will need to scour the earth to find all the herbs that make up the morning and evening tea sessions. (Or use, but you’ll be buying more herbs than you need.)

I don’t know why this cleanse is referred to as the “Chinese” Cleanse.  The herbs do not originate from China, nor do the vegetables. Anyway, read on…

The “Chinese Cleanse”

There is no single complete packaged product for this Chinese Cleanse detox cleanse of which I’m aware. If you wish to do it, you’ll need to hunt down the herbs and vegetables and prepare everything yourself.

In my humble opinion, it’s worth it, but only if you’re up to the challenge.

I’ve done this cleanse many times. Unlike the two others described above, this one requires that you change some behaviors.  You’ll have to eat differently.  You’ll have to slow down.  You’ll have to follow a schedule.  You’ll have to stop the coffee.  You will get tired of it all.

Basically, the Chinese Cleanse consist of drinking tea, eating fruit in the morning, and vegetables during the afternoon and evening.

You can choose the time frame, from three to ten days:

  • Three days helps the body get rid of toxins.
  • Five days start the healing process.
  • Ten days cleanses and renews the bloodstream, liver, kidneys and colon.

Here’s What You Do:

  • Upon arising, drink the herbal tea.
  • Until noon eat from a specific list of organic fruit.
  • After noon till 8:00 PM eat from a specific list of organic vegetables, which can be steamed, sautéed, juiced or eaten as soup or raw.
  • Every night you can manage it, take a Detox Bath (see below).

 I’ve already written about this cleanse. You can read about how to do it here.

There are five, hopefully organically grown, herbs required to make the tea, some of which (like Buckthorn Bark) may be hard to find at your local health food store.  I’ll list them here with (affiliate) links to, but first try to buy them locally from bulk bins, as you won’t need as much as is sold pre-packaged:

Red Clover Leaf
Milk Thistle Leaf
Dandelion Leaf
Peppermint Leaf
Buckthorn Bark

Obviously, the Chinese Cleanse requires MUCH more effort than the other two. The natural question: Is it worth it?

Yes, it is, if you do it.

My suggestion is this:

If you have yet to stick to a diet, or find changing ingrained habits (like coffee drinking) very challenging to do, then try one of the easier detox cleanses first.

Once you feel the benefits of a simpler cleanse, you may then feel better ready to tackle the harder Chinese Cleanse.

But for those of you who are adept at change, or have cleansed before… go for it.  Once again, the instructions are here.

Before we move on to the Detox Bath, do check out the following three videos.  The first is an interview with a friend and fellow Chinese Cleanse participant, followed by an example of a breakfast and dinner.

(Ha! You can tell I’m a bit spacey on the sixth day, and have yet four more days to go!)


 The Detox Bath

Every night you can manage it, take a Detox Bath.  The skin is one of our body’s largest organs, and is a critical pathway for detoxification.

The Detox Bath is both relaxing and will be helpful in drawing out toxins and helping to manage potential headaches from what’s referred to as the “detox effect”. (Read about it here and here.)

I’ll now take you through the step-by-step process of taking a Detox Bath, and will do you the favor of highlighting the fact that you must be careful about consuming too much niacin, something I’ll cover below.

Detox Bath Instructions, Step by Step

1. Fill up a tub with hot water.

2. If you have a window in the bathroom, crack it a bit.

3. Pour 1 cup of baking soda, 1 cup of sea salt and 1 heaping tablespoon of ginger powder* into the tub.

4. Fetch a big glass of purified water (over 8 oz if available) and mix in Trace Minerals if you have them (if not, no worries).

5. Grab your loofah (skin brush sponge-thingie).

6. Take between 250 and 500 milligrams of regular Niacin** and wait for the flush.***

7. Swirl around the water mixture… add more hot water if needed.

8. Get in the tub.

9. Soak a bit and then scrub yourself from head to toe with the loofah (no soap).

10. Rest and repeat the scrubbing three times… stay in the tub for at least 20 minutes.

11. Take a shower and scrub head to toe with soap and the loofah, rinse and shine.

* Be careful with the ginger powder as it can “burn” if too much is used, particularly in sensitive areas of the body.  I suggest you start with 1 tablespoon and add when ready.  If the amount you use does not produce some heat (other than temperature) in the tub, add more.

** Niacin comes in two forms (that I know about): the stuff that allows the capillaries in your skin to be flushed with blood (which can feel uncomfortable, like a sunburn), or non-flush.  You want the flush kind, such as Solgar Niacin.  Be careful with the amount, because the flushing can be uncomfortable (although the detox bath alleviates this quite a bit). 250 milligrams may be too much on an empty stomach.  I use 500 milligrams, but I’m accustomed to this craziness.

*** Have I said enough about “flushing”?  If you don’t like the feeling of being sunburned, be careful with the amount of Niacin you take (see above).  Same thing with the ginger powder (see above).


In Conclusion

I’ve presented three detox cleanses of varying degrees of difficulty.  If you’re a beginner, choose one of the first two.  If you’re the disciplined type, or have cleansed before, consider the Chinese Cleanse.

Here’s a curve ball… If you think you may have heavy metal and/or chemical toxicity, you should get tested and go on a proven detox program, perhaps one guided by your health practitioner.

For more about this, consider a detox cleanse that Drs. Mercola and Yu recommend for heavy metal/chemical detoxification that centers on niacin, bentonite and/or charcoal, saunas (or Detox Baths) and a rebounder.  I’ve written about it in an article called, The Heavy Metal Detox.

Lastly, for more about detox cleansing, click the “Detoxification and Cleansing” category listed in the drop-down list in Categories over to your right in the sidebar.  Here’s a sampling of what you’ll find:

Dr. Hyman: “4 Steps to Get Rid of Toxic Weight”
“Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead”: One Year Later, Countless Lives Changed
Dr. Oz: How to Prepare for Your Cleanse
Cleanse the Bloat Away – 5 Recommendations

Questions, comments and personal reflections are welcome and may be presented in the Comments section below.

Starting the New Year with a detox cleanse is a righteous thing to do, and could set your course for attaining whatever else you desire.

Good luck and cleanse on!

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