Beautiful “Exercise” Climbing Pinnacle Peak at Mt Rainer — Watch!

Wherever you are, find a place to get exhilarated. Away from my usual exercise stuff and routine mode, I grab a buddy and hike up Pinnacle Peak, Mt. Rainier.  Watch this invigorating and panoramic climb starting from Reflection Lake in Mt. Rainier National Park, WA.  Lemon water and a energy-packed smoothie power us up.

FINALLY, I’VE uploaded video taken of a late fall hike from Reflection Lake at Mt. Rainier, WA to Pinnacle Peak. If you’re a hiker/climber, or simply love the outdoors, you’ll surely enjoy watching me and my pal, Anatole, stroll up some pretty steep terrain.

Hikes like these are great ways to mix up your exercise, and bring diversification to what might otherwise become an overdone and stale in-house or gym routine. I was sequestered at my family’s rural property in WA and thereby wasn’t connected to my usual workout places and toys, so with Mt. Rainier beckoning, I made it an exercise, and soul-lifting event.

And as I often preach in these pages, this “exercise session” came to fruition via the “buddy system”.

Nothing so helps you break the cemented bond of inertia and overlay a new habit than does recruiting a buddy.

The trip to Mt. Rainier and the climb up Pinnacle Peak was made so much more enjoyable due to the presence of my friend, Anatole.

And now, at long last, the video of our hike up Pinnacle Peak:


P.S. There are other things one can do for exercise if away from the usual exercise apparatus, as this video I made of an earlier trip to the homestead shows. Watch the rather goofy, Homestead Workout.

Last Updated on March 27, 2015 by Joe Garma

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