From Conception to Birth — Watch and Be Amazed!

Prepare to be transfixed as you watch never-before-seen photos of human life growing in the womb, from conception to birth What a wonder!  Watch the video below.

HEY, JUST need to share these profoundly moving photos.  They are of the conception, development and delivery of a human baby.

Invisible to us, these pictures reveal in remarkable detail and wonder how human life begins in the womb.

These pictures are made possible through the work of Alexander Tsiaras, who uses art and technology to create this moving series of photographs he calls, “Conception to birth – visualized.”

As I watched, mouth agape, I could not help wonder how remarkably pure that baby is before she’s born.

She has no prejudice, no religion, no politics… everything for her is grand potential. 

Of course her genetics will contribute to how her life unfolds.  But scientists now know that what trumps genetics will be the major forces that will shape her life, such as her environment and the people, places, things and events within it.

Godspeed, little girl.

Alexander Tsiaras: Conception to birth — visualized

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