Do You Want A Public Option in Health Reform?

Listen to former Labor Secretary, Robert Reich’s Update and Exhortation


THE HOUSE has a pretty good bill with a public option in it, says Mr. Reich, but the Senate’s bill is twisting in the wind, or should I say that arms are being twisted for and against support on the public option.

The video above gives a quick summary of current legislative efforts, but is designed more as a pitch to get us to exercise our rights as citizens and voters and pitch in.

Watch Robert Reich’s 2 minute 12 second video and see if you’re moved to act.  If you are, you’ll have a lot of company, like the A.F.L-C.I.O. This labor union has designated November 5 a nationwide “Day of Action” for its eight million members to push Congress to include a public option, so says the New York Times here.

Last Updated on October 27, 2009 by Joe Garma

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