Drs. Schulze and Kim’s Homemade Flu Formulas + A Turkey Mushroom

How about some flu formulas that can nearly guarantee that you won’t get the flu or a cold this year? Two you can make yourself. A few you can buy. They all will work to strengthen your immune system. Watch.

flu formulas

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OVER THE last two weeks I’ve bumped into articles and newsletters about the upcoming flu season. Because it sucks to get sick and so many of us do every year as the fall moves into winter, I thought it would be a good idea to show you how to beat the flu into submission, as I have gratefully done for a long time.

We will begin with two flu formulas that you can make at home.

If you try any one of the flu formulas shown here, you and your family will sail through the flu season without succumbing to a week or more of the sore throat swallowing, runny nose sniffling, coughing, bleary-eyed vacant staring and thumb-sucking pillow-hugging that you typically experience every year.

In this article, you’ll discover:

  • How effective is a flu shot?
  • Does the flu do you a favor?
  • How to make Dr. Shulze’s Flu Supertonic
  • How to make Dr. Kim’s Throat, Cold and Flu Tonic
  • What’s a “Turkey Tail?”
  • That almond butter and garlic cloves might get the job done

Let’s dig in…


Get A Flu Shot?

As reported by People Magazine, the 2017 – 2018 flu season was the deadliest in years, resulting in a record-breaking number of hospitalizations and several deaths.

It’s now October 2018 and another tough flu season is expected. Now is the time to take early action. Arm yourself with information and take preventive measures to protect yourself and your family from the flu.

The flu shot has an inactive dose of the influenza virus, which prompts the immune system to create antibodies to fight off the potentially deadly viral infection. While it does not guarantee that a person will not get the flu, it does greatly reduce both the risk of contracting it and the symptoms if you do get it.

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the flu virus is constantly changing, and the vaccine is tweaked annually in an attempt to target what are projected to be the most prevalent strains of the disease.

During the 2017 to 2018 flu season, the CDC said the vaccine was about 40% effective against influenza A and B viruses, and ranged from 25 to 65% effective against the various strains.

How do you feel about those probabilities? flu formulas

In my case, I don’t care.

I know each person’s vulnerability to disease can be very different. I’ve tuned my immune system to be very robust, it would seem, because I haven’t succumbed to the flu — or any contagious disease — for more than a decade. (Actually, I don’t even remember; it could be longer than that.)

I’m going to tell you what I did to make myself invulnerable to flu virus (aka, influenza) so you can too — but first, let’s take a quick look at “influenza”.


Maybe Influenza Does You A Favor

Flu is a contagious respiratory illness caused by influenza viruses that infect the nose, throat, and sometimes the lungs. It can cause mild to severe illness, and at times can lead to death. (1)

There are two main types of influenza (flu) virus: Types A and B. The influenza A and B viruses that routinely spread in people are responsible for seasonal flu epidemics each year. Over the course of a flu season, different types (A & B) and subtypes (influenza A) of influenza circulate and cause illness. (2)

As mentioned above, the CDC wants you to get a flu vaccine. I never have, and I don’t get sick. But I’m not you; maybe a vaccine is the right thing for you to do, even though it’s far from 100% effective.

Don’t take an antibiotic!

One thing you should clearly not do is take antibiotics if you have the cold or flu.

The common cold and the flu are both caused by viruses. Antibiotics do not kill viruses — they fight infections caused by bacteria. People can feel a bit better with antibiotics while battling a cold or flu due to the mild anti-inflammatory effect of antibiotics. This slight benefit, however, is overwhelmed by the negative impact that antibiotics have on “friendly” bacteria that make up your intestinal microbiome. (3)

flu formulas

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Typically, the viruses that cause the common cold and the flu infect your weakest cells, which are those burdened with excessive waste products and toxins.  This weakens them. These are cells that you want to get rid of anyway, to be replaced by new, healthy cells. So, perhaps the flu is doing you a favor. Rather than take medications that suppress congested sinuses, fever, coughing, or a runny nose, do your best to bolster your immune system and let nature take its course. (3)

Better yet, build up that immune system well before the flu starts hunting for you.

To that end, make yourself one of two homemade flu formulas and/or take some immune-enhancing mushrooms and supplements; namely:

  • Dr. Schulze’s Supertonic
  • Dr. Lee’s Strep Throat, Flu and Cold Tonic
  • Dr. Stamets’ Turkey Tail Mushrooms et al
  • Olive leaf extract, oregano oil, et al


How To Make Dr. Shulze’s Supertonic

Somewhere in some drawer is my recipe for Dr. Shulze’s Supertonic. Rather than get off my lazy ass and go find it, I just let Google find a blog called Going Forward, which nicely shows how it’s made, step by step.

I used to make a big batch of the Supertonic. Throughout the year, it would sometimes take the place of vinegar in my homemade salad dressing. During the flu season, I’d take sips of the strongly pungent elixir each day.

I never got sick.

Flu Formulas

Dr. Richard Shulze

That I never got sick while taking Dr. Shulze’s Supertonic (or while using any of his other immune-boosting herbal formulations shown here) is unsurprising, because the same goes for many of his customers.

His products are expensive, given how much organic herbs they contain, but they work and his customers stay healthy.

Dr. Richard Shulze is the Founder of American Botanical Pharmacy, and a world renown herbalist who opened his first clinic 35 years ago to help patients with incurable diseases. To date, he has treated more than 20,000 patients. (4)

Here’s a quick look at how you can make Dr. Shulze’s Supertonic in your very own home.

Supertonic Materials
  • One quart/liter glass jar (preferably amber) with plastic lid (metal will rust)
  • Cheese cloth if you decide not to blend the ingredients
  • Strong blender if you decide to blend the ingredients
  • Cheese grater
  • Cutting board
  • Chef knife
  • Large bowl
Super Tonic Ingredients for One Quart (about One Liter)
Apple Cider Vinegar: 2½ cup, raw, unfiltered Anti-bacterial, lowers blood sugar and cholesterol
Jalapeño (or other spicy chili of your choice -cayenne, habanero, serrano): 1½-2 oz. Fights inflammation, clears mucus membranes, detoxifies, stimulates blood flow, protects and nourishes the heart; stimulates every organ quickly
Ginger Root: 1½-2 oz Anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, improves digestion
White Onion: 1½-2 oz (peeled) Anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, supports digestion
Garlic: 1½-2 oz (from bulb, peeled)    Kills bad bacteria, fungi and parasites, anti-carcinogenic
Turmeric Root: 1½-2 oz (organic is hard to find, so use what’s available) anti-inflammatory, antioxidant
Horseradish Root: 1½-2 oz (NOT the stuff in a jar) Anti-biotic, dissolves thick mucus, heats the body, brings blood to the brain


The fresh juices of organic Horseradish Root drive this formula to your head, sinuses, throat and lungs, where you need it.

The organic Garlic and its next of kin, organic Onion, are the two best herbs to flush micro-organisms from your body.

The organic Ginger Root and Jalapeño Pepper stimulate your blood and lymphatic flow like no other herbs, to get your immune cells to the bad guys as fast as possible.

The organic, raw, unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar preserves all of these plant juices and cleanses your body, too.

The two ways you can make the Supertonic is to blend all the ingredients, or soak them in the apple cider vinegar and then remove the chunks of ingredients by squeezing them through a cheese cloth. This is pretty much akin to the difference between blending fruits and veggies versus juicing them in a juicer, which separates the juice from the pulp.

This Supertonic video demonstrates how to do the blend the ingredients:


The Going Forward blog shows you how I’ve done it, which is to do the soak and squeeze. It winds up looking like this prior to the cheese cloth squeeze:

(Photo credit: Going Forward blog)


For daily immune boosting, drink 1-2 ounces, two or more times each day. Just put it in your mouth, swish around, gargle and swallow. Don’t dilute it with water or the effect won’t be as powerful.

If you’re fighting an infection, take the tonic 5-6 times per day. It can be used during pregnancy and it’s safe for children (use smaller doses) since food is completely non-toxic.

If you rather buy it than make it, go here.

flu formulas

(Click image for more info.)

How To Make Dr. Kim’s Strep Throat, Cold and Flu Tonic

Flu Formulas

Dr. Ben Kim is an expert on health AND mobility

Dr. Ben Kim is Canadian chiropractor and acupuncturist who after 20 years of clinical practice, turned his full-time attention to his website and consulting for people a pro bono basis.

I don’t know the man, but after spending time on his site, it’s obvious that he’s thoughtful, kind, knowledgeable and insightful.

I’ve enjoyed the few products he offers, such as Organic Greens and Maca, Cacao and Yacon Blend.

His flu tonic is very similar to Dr. Shulze’s, the only difference being that Dr. Kim adds lemon juice and dispenses with horseradish and turmeric root.  It is likely to be less “hot” and thereby more palatable for some.

If you can’t tolerate very spicy foods, you may want to opt for Dr. Kim’s Flu Tonic, although it’s hardly benign in that department.

Like with the Supertonic, you can choose to blend the ingredients or let them penetrate the apple cider over the course of a couple of weeks, and then put the mixture through a cheesecloth, or something similar.

Dr. Kim’s Flu Tonic Ingredients for 350 ml to 500 ml (approx 1/3 to 1/2 quart)
  • Half a yellow onion, roughly chopped
    Flu Formulas

    Dr Kim flu tonic ingredients

  • 5 cloves of garlic, roughly chopped
  • 2 red chili peppers, roughly chopped
  • 1 heaping tablespoon of ginger, roughly chopped
  • Juice of one lemon
  • Apple cider vinegar, preferably organic

Here’s the finished product (unblended):

flu formulas

Dr Kim Flu Tonic ready to go

Go to Dr. Kim’s website for step by step instructions.

Note: I repeat, of the two flu formulas, Dr. Shulze’s homemade tonic is probably more intense in terms of taste. You sensitive types might want to lean toward Dr. Kim’s concoction.

(P.S. If you want to move more freely in your body, Dr. Kim can help you get the ball rolling in his easy-to-follow videos on youtube.)


What Does A Turkey’s Tail Have to Do with Mushrooms and Flu Formulas?

flu formulas

Yes, a turkey’s tail

flu formuals

Turkey Tail Mushrooms

There’s a story here worth telling, and Paul Stamets is the best person to tell it.

Dr. Paul Stamets is an author, mycologist, medical researcher, entrepreneur and considered the industry leader in fungi: habitat, medicinal use, and production.  The man knows mushrooms!

The one thing you need to know about mushrooms pertinent to our flu topic is that some of them do amazing things to build up your immune system.

Dr. Stamets became widely known outside his field of mycology after his compelling 2008 TED Talk (now with 4.6 million views), but it was his TED talk in 2011 that drew tears.

Turkey Tail Mushrooms helped save his mother’s life

At the end of that 2011 TEDmed talk, Dr. Stamets shared a traumatic phone call he got from his mother telling him that her left breast was five times the size of the right one. Her doctor said she may not have long to live, maybe three months. It was the second worst account of breast cancer the doctor had seen.

OK, I know this isn’t an article about cancer, but stay with me because this is going to help you should you decide to take steps to boost your immune system.

Dr. Stamets spoke to his mother’s oncologist about Turkey Tail Mushrooms. Surprisingly, the doctor has read some of the literature about its immune-enhancing effects, and added it to the mother’s drug regimen.

Rather than die, within one year, Paul Stamets’ mother was 100% cancer free. The doctors said it was the quickest and most complete recovery they had ever witnesses.

Here’s the story from Dr. Stamets’ mouth to your ears:


Intrigued by mushrooms? Click to watch 6 Ways Mushrooms Can Save The World


Even though Turkey Tail Mushrooms was the hero in this story, if you want to make a super hero out of your immune system, I suggest you use a combination of mushroom extracts, such as Paul Stamet’s Comprehensive Immune Support made by his company, Host Defense.

Yes, it has Turkey Tail, but all these immune-enhancing mushroom species as well:

Royal Sun Blazei, Cordyceps, Enokitake, Amadou, Agarikon, Artist Conk, Reishi, Oregon Polypore, Maitake, Lion’s Mane, Chaga, Shiitake, Mesima, Birch Polypore, Pearl Oyster, Split Gill Polypore (and Turkey Tail).


What Else Can You Do To Prevent the Flu?

As I detail in my article, How You Can Prevent the Flu and Common Cold, Say 3 Doctors, you can:

Read the article for details.

prevent the flu and common cold

If you already have the flu, don’t want to make any of the homemade flu formulas detailed above and rather eat dirt than swallow mushroom capsules, you can try my One Day Flu Cure.

Oh, I should mention — you’ve gotta be able to stomach garlic!

Since a picture’s worth 1,000 words, this is what I make and eat:

One Day Flu Cure

That’s a picture of a high fiber seed bread, toasted, spread with almond butter and liberally spiked with raw, organic chopped garlic.

The details about that and a few other tips can be had by clicking How To Beat the Cold or Flu In Just One Day.

(Click image for more info.)


Your Takeaway

The key to beating the flu is not to get it in the first place.

You do that by building up your immune system.

And you can do that with:

  • one of the two homemade flu formulas presented in this piece, and/or
  • the immune-enhancing mushrooms, and/or
  • the supplements listed.

If you don’t prepare for the flu and find yourself flat on your back wheezing and sneezing, it’s not to late to do something about it. You’ll be late to the party, but, get out those mason jars and make one of those flu formulas, start swallowing those mushrooms, and start chopping some garlic for your almond spread bread.

Might have to hold your nose.


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