Earthquakes and Tsunamis — Is the Cascadia Subduction Zone Next?

Is the coastal area of North America next?  An earthquake along the Cascadia Subduction Zone is thought to be long overdue.  What to do about it?

IT’S INEVITABLE, given the tsunami and nuclear meltdown in Japan last week, that people in every coastal area in the world — especially if near fault lines and nuclear facilities — are wondering if they could be next, when it could happen, and what to do about it.

Recently, several spots along the Pacific Ring of Fire have had successive earthquakes: Chile, New Zeland and Japan.  The North America coast is within this “Ring”.  Is it next?

The places of concern are Alaska, British Columbia, Washington State, Oregon and California.  What if Japan’s tsunami happened near any of those places?  This is anticipated to happen somewhere along the Cascadia Subduction Zone.

In this video, a computer simulation shows what would happen.  The focus is western Washington State, but if you live anywhere along the North America coast, take a look:


OK, so what to do about it?

Obviously, there’s nothing you can do to stop an earthquake and tsunami from happening.  The issue is are you willing to: a) Concede that it’s possible, perhaps probable, that one will happen where you live while you’re living there, and b) Are you willing to do what needs doing to help protect yourself?

If so, check the Web for resources to give you some ideas. (Check out Survival Blog’s medicine kit list.) FEMA is a good place to start: What to Do Before an Earthquake.  (Check out the resources in the left hand sidebar at the FEMA site too.) should also be reviewed.

Concerned about radiation poisoning? Scan the right-hand side bar on this site for posts about Japan and radiation, or search for this in the search bar at the top of the head mast.  Two informative posts on the subject are: What to Do About Japan’s Nuclear Radiation Fallout and Americans Have Too Little Iodine.

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