Dr. Brownstein: “American’s Have Too Little Iodine”

In these two videos, Iodine expert Dr. David Brownstein is interviewed by Dr. Mark Sircus about the possibility of radiation from Japan spreading to North America,  and the usefulness of Potassium Iodine/Iodate to help prevent radioisotopes from damaging people’s thyroids.

Dr. DAVID BROWNSTEIN knows that most people have low iodine levels in their bodies and thus have thyroids susceptible to radiation.

(Might point out that radiation does more than bang up the thyroid – Cesium and Strontium attacks various parts of the body.  Read What to Do About Japan’s Nuclear Radiation Fallout).

Dr. Brownstein has checked over 5,000 people in his practice and 95% have been iodine deficient. He recommends 50 to 100 milligrams to pump up and then  6 to 50 milligrams after initial doses.

Watch the two videos below, but don’t get too anxious because this was recorded some days ago and, so far, negligible levels of radiation from Japan has gotten to North America.

Go here for more info on Dr. Brownstein’s book: IODINE, Why You Need It

Go here for more info on Dr. Brownstein’s book: Overcoming Thyroid Disorders

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