What do you KNOW or FEEL about Health Care?

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WAS READING the New York Times today. I delved into two articles about the new health care reform bill. One article explained its cost structure. The other explained how few people know what’s in it, but – strangely — how those who know the least about it are the most vociferous critics.

If you don’t know about something, scream really loudly about how wrong (or right) it is!
I’ve followed this legislation fairly carefully, and yet would be hard pressed to pass a comprehensive test on the matter. I’m thinking that you’d probably say the same thing, so I’m going to provide links to the two articles in question.

The first, An Article of Faith, is by columnist Charles M. Blow. He cites some recent polls. One done by the Pew Research Center last Wednesday discovered that most Republicans polled admit that they don’t understand how this bill will affect them and their family.

They simply don’t know. Do you think that’s stopped them from vilifying the bill and anything/anybody associated with it? Nope.

Why is that, do you think?

Mr. Blow gets into that question a bit, and it’s worth reading (above link). Suffice to say here that when it comes to “beliefs”, facts are extraneously dispensable items.

So, what are the facts?

That’s the purview of the other article read today in the New York Times, Questioning the Cost of the Health Care Overhaul. Presented in that article is a good illustration that shows where the money will come from ($1.1 trillion worth of spending cuts, taxes and fees), and where it will go ($965 billion worth of health insurance coverage).

Note that the revenue number cited above exceeds the cost number, according to the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office which was set up to be an impartial and definitive source for all things budgetary, but who – nevertheless – is obliquely excoriated when their numbers don’t support the politics of the aggrieved.

In the case of the health bill, the aggrieved are the Republicans and Tea Partiers, who, as already mentioned, readily admit that they don’t know much about the thing that they hate so much. They just do.

It’s just this deep down feeling.

Which circles us back to that complicated thing about feelings and thinking. I both think and feel that you’re simply just not gonna get life right unless you find a way to not keep one isolated from the other.
So, in the spirit of harmonious balance, do check out these two articles and examine how you think and feel about what they say about the health bill.

And the next time you hear someone shouting to high heaven about it, ask him/her if the reaction is from feeling (in which case no facts are needed), or thinking (in which case know the facts). You never know, your question might just get them thinking… errr… I mean, feeling.


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