What the Health Care Overhaul Could Mean to You

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OBVIOUSLY, MY sister knows that I blog about health matters, so the other day during a dinner we shared, she put her fork down, looked at me with that bewildered look common to us humans, and asked me: “So, when are any of the new health care provisions going to kick in?”

“Huh”, I answered, as I zigzagged through my memory banks to see if anything was logged there pertinent to this question.

Finally, I came up with: “I don’t think much is happening yet.”

Not a very good answer, I know, and if it’s the one you would have delivered to my sister, too, this blog post is for you. I looked around and found a good current depiction of where people in various states of health and health care coverage will land in the new world of created by this health care legislation.

Do You Have Health Insurance Now? (What the Health Care Overhaul Could Mean to You) is a good summary of where you may stand at this very moment relative to health care.

The article identifies various situations, such as “do you have health insurance now”, if you do, is it “through your employer”, “through medicare”, “through medicaid”, or “on your own”. It then spells out what the health care overhaul means to your particular situation, and when.

Here’s how it’s presented (in part):

health care overhaul

So, check it out at the above link. And, since few know about what you’re about to know, share this information.

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