Is Japan’s Nuclear Radiation Coming Your Way? Do This!

Will the radiation travel to the west coast of North America?  The experts are unsure as yet.  We need to stay vigilant and do some basic things to prepare.  Here are four things to do.  (Be sure to click on the link to the real-time,  National Radiation Map, #1 below.)

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[Update:  IMPORTANT — The media is mistakenly saying that the Japanese government is giving potassium iodine to its citizens to protect against radiation poisining.  NOT TRUE.  What is being distributed and what you would need in this situation is potassium IODATE.  More below…]

WITH TODAY’s second hydrogen explosion in Japan over the last three days, I began to get concerned about radiation fallout jumping on the jet streams and cruising to the west coast of North America.

This concern was heightened a few notches just an hour ago when my mother called to say her friends in Europe are telling her that we in America are not getting the straight scoop.

What mom said was all hearsay, so I jumped on the Web to see what I could find out, perhaps just like you did to find this post.

It’s 10:30 PM in California right now, and I haven’t found anything alarming on the Net – but I don’t speak any European languages.  Nothing in English is telling me to worry, or start taking my potassium iodide pills (though I did anyway).

A Canadian news outlet is being referenced all over the Net.  The sum of what it says is that all appropriate agencies are monitoring things and there’s nothing to worry about yet.  Further, although it’s bad news for the Japanese – about 180,000 have been evacuated from the area – any radiation will be very diluted by time it reached the west coast, as it’s now seen.

That’s great news, but did I mention that I took my potassium iodide pills anyway?

[Read more about preparation.]

On his March 12th post, Dr. David Brownstein writes about why potassium iodide is helpful to prevent radiation sickness, and the Life Extension Foundation even goes into greater length (read this), and also offers it for sale, although it’s usually available in most health food stores.

Here are four things to do if you haven’t already:

  1. Monitor the situation via several news sources as well as the National Radiation Map, a real-time update of radiation levels in America.
  2. Get some potassium iodide, or perhaps?? even better Lugol’s iodine, which you may need to get at a pharmacy, or online like at Amazon.comNo, my research is indicating that Lugol is more useful for basic health benefits… stick with potassium iodide, unless you can’t get it… every source I’m contacting is sold out.  Update:  This requires a deeper look… Go read What to Do About Japan’s Nuclear Fallout.
  3. Store some non-perishable food, water and medicine.
  4. Get the word out to your friends. Not in an alarmist way, but post this or other information about preparing and protecting yourself on Facebook or via email.

A primer on Potassium Iodate

Kudos to BlindBatNews for getting it straight about potassium iodine vs potassium iodate:

“Potassium Iodide is what is used in anti-radiation pills. This is what the people, near the crippled nuclear reactors in Honshu, are being given. NOT IODINE.”

Note: The map below I had placed under this post’s title, and then discovered that it probably it may be bogus and misrepresent the situation.  See Comments section below.  The map now under the title at the top of this post simply shows wind trajectories without making radiation level assumptions.

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