No. 2 Nuclear Reactor Explodes. Get Real-time Updates from Japan.

The No. 2 nuclear reactor has now exploded – making it three in total.  Watch this real-time feed from Japan and read this summary of a conference with representatives of the Japanese utility company.

Update:  As of this morning, 3/16/11, “Japan scrambles to pull nuclear plant back from brink”.

JAPANESE TV is providing an update by Tokyo Electric Company as I type.  See it here at NHK World English. This is a real-time, continual feed.

The second nuclear reactor just exploded.  The first and third have already exploded.

[For ideas on how to protect yourself, read: What to Do About Japan’s Nuclear Fallout.]

Here’s what Tokyo Electric Company officials say this means:

-The radioactivity reading has gone up.

-Everyone at the facilities have been evacuated except emergency crews.

-The container vessel, which is the last thing to contain radiation, may be damaged.

-About half of the fuel rods are now exposed.

I’ve now written three other posts on the Japan nuclear catastrophe focusing on preparing for potential radiation making its way to the west coast of North America, as well as the resulting disruption in food, water and medical supplies.

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Track radiation levels in the USA in real-time here:

National Radiation Map.

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