Ten Foods for Longevity

The Incremental Approach: Choose Two per Week and Get Younger!

Salmon MealIF YOU’VE clicked around on this site a bit, you may have noticed that some of my posts get pretty long and perhaps a bit abstruse for a blog.

I know that blogs are supposed to be short and breezy so they can be scanned, rather than read. Sometimes I comply. In fact, that’s the idea behind this one.

Rather than construct another magnus opus on healthy foods, super foods (Superfoods, Anyone?), or longevity foods for 86 year-old billionaires, this post will be short and easily digestible.

In fact, I’ve grabbed a SlideShare presentation about Ten Foods for Longevity that’s available for distribution, because it does two things:

1. It presents a simple and enjoyable format to quickly learn about these ten foods, and

2. Its simplicity and directness may soften you up for a suggestion.

My Suggestion

Click through the presentation below and choose just two foods that you commit to eating regularly, as in several times a week. Be fair with yourself and select two foods that you already don’t eat.

This incremental approach is a good way to slowly get yourself to make changes. Two foods are not formidable. You can achieve this. And this positive step programs you to take more of them.

Next week, choose two more from the list.

When you discover that you’re eating all that you’re willing to eat from the list of ten, consider reading my two primers on the subject: A Blueprint for Eating Right and Diet 101, and discover if you have more room left to get to the promised land.

Let me know how you do in the “Comments” section below. Have fun!

Oh, try to get the organic stuff, and the salmon wild caught.

Last Updated on March 27, 2015 by Joe Garma

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