NASA Video: Mayan Prophesy Wrong, The World Didn’t End

It’s nearly December 21, 2012 and I get that funny feeling that the world’s not gonna end.  NASA agrees. Watch their video: Why the World Didn’t End Yesterday, which they had the audacity to actually produce well before the actual (non) event. Cheeky of them.

BREAKING NEWS: It’s confirmed by New Zealand… the world hasn’t ended.  The December 21, 2012 Apocalypse simply didn’t happen.

Yep, as I write this it’s December 21st in New Zealand.  Here in Sausalito, California, it’s till the 20th, but I’m thinking that it’s pretty safe to assume that if New Zealand can avoid the Apocalypse, so can California.

What a relief.

Am sure glad those Mayans got it wrong, or that those who interpreted those prophetic tablets got it wrong.  Glad that story circulating on the Internet, that an enormous rogue planet called Niburu is on a collision course with Earth, is also wrong. And that the solar flares will still be timid tomorrow.

You might reconsider then, if you were heading to some underground bunker or that French mountaintop that’s supposed to be a safe place during the Apocalypse… well, relax and watch NASA video below, called:

Why the World Didn’t End Yesterday

Yes, NASA obviously made the video prior to New Zealand’s confirmation that the world didn’t end.

How in the heck did they know?

Well, take a peak at the video, cause you’ll learn a lot about the Mayans and those Solar Flares that are supposed to electronically fry us all.

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