The Seriously Serious Problems of Obesity, Part 4 of 5 — Obesity and Brain Degeneration

In this Part 4 of 5: Obesity and Brain Degeneration.

In part 4 part of a 5 part series about the many chronic and debilitating health issues connected to obesity, the obesity and brain degeneration connection is explored.  Please scroll to the bottom of this post for the list (and links) to the other posts in this series.


Don’t know about you, but I covet every brain cell that’s still bouncing around my brain.

Every time I drink a glass of red wine, I recall something I once read which said that every ounce of alcohol kills upteen billion brain cells.  (No wonder I spend my time blogging rather than doing something useful!)

Well, add fat cells to the mix of threats to the brain.  Apparently fat cells don’t like brain cells, because the more of the first kind you have, the fewer the second variety hang around.

Check out these sobering statistics from a (yet another) new study:

Obese people’s brains…

  • Have 8% less tissue than normal-weight individuals.
  • Look 16 years older than the brains of lean individuals.

Overweight people’s brains…

  • Have 4% less tissue.
  • Are prematurely aged by 8 years.

I know it’s depressing.  So many people who are heavy simply feel, “this is just who I am”.

Which is true.

In the moment, it’s true.  Perhaps for all one’s life, it’s been true.

What’s not true — at least for most of us* — is that it need be true forever.

(* No, you’re not the exception.)

Of course something needs to change.

Remember that old adage that goes something like,

“Doing the same thing and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity”?

The first step to doing something differently is thinking about something differently.  One’s thought needs to change.  Make the thought pregnant with possibilities of what a new, slimmer “you” would be.  Mix the thought with emotion — put emotion behind the thought, rather than the food.  Grab those who can help and make them part of the solution!

Having a buddy do to whom you are mutually accountable will dramatically increase you potential for success, and the trip there will be much more fun.

We don’t stick to things that are always hard and give us no joy.  Find a way to make it fun.

In about 40 days, often less, new habits can be formed.

Substitution works best. Substitute the desired behavior for the undesired one.  Time will unfold whether action is taken or not, so it doesn’t matter how long it will take. At the end of the day (week, month, year) deliver a new part of you to You.

It was always there waiting.

If the mountain seems too high, start with a mole hill.  Learn about acquiring tiny habits first, right here.

Motivated to do some reading about a new eating plan? Click on “Diet/Nutrition” under “Categories” in the sidebar on the right hand side of your screen.  There are several posts listed there.

But this journey will likely be successful only if you recruit others to your cause… the buddy system of motivation, and checks and balances works.

Try to have fun.


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