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When I began this blog over 1.5 years ago, I wasn’t really sure just what I’d be writing about, but I know I did not contemplate providing a repository for earthquake news and disaster preparedness.  By popular demand, here are some resources to help bring you to self-reliance.

NATURE ABHORS a vacuum.  And since I wasn’t resolute with some narrow topic upon which to blog within the “health” hemisphere, a lot of other stuff fell in. Like an earthquake cracking open the surface and swallowing all matter of stuff.

At this point, I’ve written 13 posts related to the Japan earthquake and nuclear radiation and preparedness.  They’ve become my most read posts, and have generated the most emails.

I bow to my readers:  If you want more about preparation, look below for some resources offered up by Steve Klein of Kleiner’s Korner. (Currently not being updated by Mr. Klein)But before I list them, know that I think it’s wise to have some self-sufficiency, but I’m not a fear monger, and I don’t necessarily endorse all the information I’m about to share.

UPDATE: Given that Kleiner’s Korner is inactive, check out for a rich deposit of information and resources about how to get along in an unsteady world, as well is this long list (scroll to the bottom of the link).

I’ve have done quite a bit of this myself so as to not be caught with my pants down.

You make up your own mind.  And as it gets whacked by all this information and excitement, breathe in… hold… breathe out.  Don’t go into overwhelm.  If you’re so inclined, choose something you know you can do, and do it.

Here are some resources:

In addition to mentioned in the Update above, here are some more resources for you to pick through.

The Survival Center.  “America’s Premier Preparedness Center.” In continuous operation since the early 1970’s. link here

– Teri Simpson of Optimum Preparedness has been a wealth of knowledge and has been offering preparedness products for years. Check-out Terri’s website.  link here
Read Terri’s Guest Entry out this week on MastersConnection. link here

Beyond the Ordinary internet radio’s Preparedness Series.  link here (sorry no longer available)

Storable Seeds and Food available through various small businesses.  link here

The Mountain News: “The Seven Tasks of Self-Reliance” link here

MastersConnection: Connect with a vast array of knowledge, people and opportunities.  link here

If you have some resources, or good ideas to share, please do so in the Comments section below.

Last Updated on May 16, 2021 by Joe Garma

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