What You Sow, You Reap… when the Enemy is Us

In the absence from blogging these past weeks, I was pulled into family issues on both coasts and relearned a lesson we all know but perhaps do not emphasize enough as we make the decisions that make our life.

IT’S A common admonition among bloggers to beware the writer’s block that is surely in their future; in fact, some make a good living dispensing tips on how to keep one’s copy fresh, relevant and well written.

It’s been near three weeks since my last post, but this is not as much “writer’s block” as it is being pulled into the vortex of real life – the non-binary type.

First, I was completely absorbed (aka “overwhelmed) in dealing with matters of my step-mother’s estate.  Finding and signing up a Realtor, repairing the house and dealing with selling the stuff overstuffed inside would have been an unalterable set of actions irrespective of the issues of probate.

But to have dispensed with probate by either a Trust or having had a quick claim deed done (transferring ownership from my step-mother to her heirs) along with such heirs being named on her CD and checking accounts, would have saved much time and effort.  That all this was in NJ and I live in CA adds to the overwhelm.

Second, was my own mother’s knee-replacement surgery.  Fortunately, this is happening near by and I have my sister to pitch in; nevertheless, my blogging has suffered.  My sense of the absurd has not.

I have looked for and conjured the connective tissue between these two, opposite coast experiences.  And it is this:

We reap what we sow.

Insightful, isn’t it… bet you never heard that one before?!  Yes, it’s trite, but we forget it to our detriment.

Along Rt. 37 in Toms River, NJ earlier this month, I saw the disconnect.  Along every block, both sides of the road, pizza, subs, McDonald’s and its derivatives were the overwhelmingly represented “food” purveyors.  Into those establishments did the people storm, or to be more cheeky, waddle.  SaltSugarFat on the menu today, and every day, disguised as food.  These customers aptly demonstrate what they sow.

Then in the hospital with Mom two days ago.  The physical therapists endeavor to make the knee-replacement patients take a few steps the day after surgery.  The healing and effectiveness of the prosthetic is optimized this way, they say.  The patient relies on a walker to take the weight off the repaired leg.  But no amount of pain killer will banish the sharp, overwhelming pain resulting from putting too much weight on the repaired leg.  And when you’re too big to hold most of your weight off the leg by the strength of your arms, the unrepentant pain is what is sown.

It’s hard to watch your mother shaking and crying from pain. It’s great to be able to lift her heavy body before it collapses and carry her like a baby back to the hospital bed.

Thus my lesson of these past weeks:

We reap what we sow.



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