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Consumer Reports has added another service – Consumer Reports Health – to help demystify what is good and not so good for your health.  Take a look at what they’re offering.

I’M NOT in the business of hawking other people’s stuff, but I’d like to share an email from Consumer Reports with you that my sister just forwarded to me.

Consumer Reports declares itself to be an unbiased reviewer of many things that we buy.  For some, it’s the consumer bible about effectiveness, durability, quality, etc., particularly from a comparative perspective – one product vs another.

Consumer Reports is now offering for $9 per year (first year).  As they say in the email:

“ provides objective, evidence-based Ratings for medical treatments, drugs and natural medicines. We rate health products and services with the same expertise and independence we use to rate cars, electronics and appliances for more than 70 years. And as long as you remain 100% satisfied you will receive the benefits of automatic renewal with continuous access to”

Here are examples of the information that would be made available:

Natural Medicine Ratings for over 20,000 herbs, vitamins and nutritional supplements.

Treatment Ratings for over 200 common medical and mental health conditions, including ADHD, breast cancer and erectile dysfunction, among many others.

Drug Reviews for most prescription and over-the-counter drugs, featuring recommendations for low-cost drugs that are as safe and effective as more expensive drugs, plus easy access to our free CR Best Buy Drugs™ reports.

Diet, Nutrition and Fitness product reviews and Ratings to help keep you healthy.

Patient Ratings of over 3,400 hospitals, to help you better compare and choose hospitals.

Health Insurance Plan Rankings providing unbiased, objective Rankings for hundreds of private HMO and point-of-service health insurance plans, plus Medicare and Medicaid plans.

As someone who blogs about health matters, I can tell you first-hand that there’s a lot of conflicting and confusing information out there in the marketplace.  This might be helpful.  Know that I haven’t used the service, yet, and would not be compensated in any way by Consumer Reports if you subscribed.

If you have used this service, please let us know what you think in the Comments section below.

Last Updated on March 6, 2018 by Joe Garma

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