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How Not To Die – Dr. Greger’s Anatomy Lesson, Part 1

You’ve heard it before. Perhaps from Grandma. But it bears hearing again: Food is medicine. “How Not To Die” is Dr. Michael Greger’s forthcoming book that reveals specific foods that can prevent and heal chronic diseases, and thus expand our healthspan. Read and watch.

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Is the Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Campaign Effective? Listen.

Has $1.5 billion been spent effectively on a breast cancer cure? If marketing could cure breast cancer, there would be a cure, says Barbara Brenner of Breast Cancer Action. A lot of money has been raised without a corresponding reduction in the breast cancer rate, she affirms. The Susan G. Komen organization – the world’s largest breast cancer charity, says it’s money well raised and well spent. Listen!

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Dr. Oz on Preventing Breast Cancer (Watch Video)

Doing three things can subtantially help reduce the chances of breast cancer, or any cancer: 1. Reduce weight if overweight; 2. Reduce saturated fat consumption; 3. Eat more green leafy vegetables. Being overweight or eating saturated fat mess with your hormone balance and can lead to “turning on” cancer cells. Eating green leafy vegetables can help cleanse the liver of toxins.

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In Reversal, U.S. Guidelines Urge Mammograms at 50, Not 40

[Update 11/19/09: “New mammogram guidelines unlikely to curb policy coverage” is the latest pronouncement from the medical establishment, doctors and insurers alike.  Insures say they base their coverage decisions upon a broad array of research and guideline from various sources, many of whom continue to stick with the former policy of frequent screening starting earlier […]

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